Welcome Back, Inquisitor

The candles are lit. The atheneum is open. Let us indulge you on where your journey can now begin.


The role of an Inquisitor is to investigate and settle all manner of threats to the Imperium. This work is carried out in secret, for ignorance is one of humanity’s greatest defences against the conspiracies of the mutant, alien, and heretic.

Inquisitor: Doctrina Malum is an unofficial, immersive, collaborative-fiction project set in the universe of Warhammer 40,000. Take on the role of an Inquisitorial Agent, documenting all manner of xenos artifacts, heretical rituals, and Imperial secrets.

If you’re a fan of Warhammer 40,000: Dark Heresy, Inq28,
the SCP Foundation, or alternate-reality RPGs, you will feel right at home.


Safeguarding humanity from warp-born abominations and its own gross incompetence requires agents who are particularly adept at understanding these types of threats.


When you choose an Ordo, you will be able to review the articles of your fellow Inquisitorial Agents. Be cautious. Inquisitors did not reach their rank by being anything other than cunning and pitiless. Only the highest quality submissions will be added to the archives of mankind.

Unwanted things have a way of disappearing.


After you have chosen your Ordo, the path is open for you to go into the dark corners of space to catalog threats and tales. These findings are recorded as Articles and are thematically linked to one of the Ordos. You’ll also earn Honours for completing articles — more on that below.


Looking for inspiration or danger? Participate in seasonal story arcs led by your Ordo’s patron – each deadly in their own right. Your submissions will help forge the narrative and decide how events play out in future missions of the Doctrina Malum.

These fully-produced voice recordings will pull you into the narrative and offer missions based around different objectives and creative tasks, several of which have tie-ins to Short Fiction and Audio Dramas found within our channels.


Commendations await for serving your Ordo. As a reward for your writing activities, Inquisitorial Agents will receive Honours in the form of Inquisitorial rosettes which track their achievements. Each Ordo has a list of achievements unique to them, and some are harder to earn than others.

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