Tzeentch is the Changer of Ways and the Architect of Fate. Feeding upon the ambitions, hopes and desires for change that reside in all mortals, he twists and weaves the threads of fate that connect all things in a galaxy-spanning game of intrigue, politics and subterfuge. He delights in pulling these strings as he toys with the with the fortunes of others for amusement and the advancement of his own unfathomable goals.

The daemonic legions of Tzeentch unleash sorcery and mutation across a world.


  • The Great Game: Nurgle stands as Tzeentch’s natural rival. Nurgle’s powers stem for despair and an acceptance of one’s fate, which is diametrically opposed to Tzeentch who draws power from hope and the desire to change one’s fortunes.
  • Sacred Number: Like all Chaos Gods, Tzeentch has a sacred number: a number that is reoccurring throughout his realm and in the grotesque rituals their mortal worshippers’ conduct in their names. For Tzeentch, this number is nine.
  • The Great Sorcerer: Tzeentch is the undisputed master of magic and sorcery in the universe. To him, magic is the very embodiment of change, a result of a psyker’s desire to enforce their will upon the universe itself. As such, he grants his chosen champions with untold sorcerous powers.

Notable Events

  •  The Horus Heresy and the Burning of Prospero. 005.M31 — 014.M31
    • The Warmaster of the Imperium, Horus Lupercal, turns his back on the Emperor of Mankind and falls to the claws of Chaos. Eight of his brother Primarchs and their Space Marine legions joining him in this galaxy-spanning civil war.
    • Magnus the Red, attempts to warn the Emperor of this betrayal through Warp sorcery – which had been banned by the Emperor at the Council of Nikaea – but in advertently leading untold legions of daemons to Terra and begins a war that destroys the Emperor’s secret Webway project.
    • In anger and frustration, the Emperor sends the Space Wolves to censure Magnus. They destroy his homeworld of Prospero and, in an attempt to save his legion from annihilation, Magnus pledges himself to Tzeentch.
  • The Battle of the Fang. M32.
    • Magnus the Red and his Thousand Sons legion assault the Space Wolves home planet of Fenris, ostensibly in retaliation for the destruction of their own homeworld. While the Space Wolves successfully defend Fenris and their fortress monastery, the Fang, their research into curing the Curse of the Wulfen is destroyed – preventing them from creating any successor chapters.
  • The Thirteenth Black Crusade and the Opening of the Great Rift. 999.M41
    • Following the success of the 13th Black Crusade by Abbadon the Despoiler and the destruction of Cadia, a massive Warp Storm rips across the galaxy, cutting off and isolating thousands of worlds. Empowered by the massive amounts of psychic energy unleashed, Tzeentch sends out his daemonic legions to sow chaos across the galaxy.
  • The Siege of Fenris. 999.M41
    • As the entire Fenris System is assailed by violent Warp Storms, Magnus the Red spws discord between the Space Wolves and the Dark Angels chapters. Using the ensuing confrontation as a diversion, he leads a massive Thousand Sons and Daemonic invasion of the planet. Eventually, the Imperial forces cease their own battles and triumph over the Chaos forces. Much of Fenris’ tribal population is liquidated by the Ordo Malleus in the aftermath for witnessing a Daemon Primarch.
  • War in the Rift. 012.M42
    • Jealous of the growing power of Nurgle and his foothold in the Ultramar systems, Tzeentch tricks Khorne into unleashing The Blood Crusade upon his rival god. His own legions soon follow suite, and the largest conflict of the Great game in real space begins.

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