The Chitin Feast

Dear Lady Melusine Kosavar

I understand you wish to know more of the Incident my Interrogator told you about so long ago. I will say that, aside from it’s end, I am disappointed to say that Detlaf has far more of a talent for exaggeration then he has with being completely objective. A great author he might yet be, but Inquisitor? I will have to properly drill it in to him. Regardless of Detlaf’s tall tales, the truth of the matter is that it began fairly routinely; Xenos artifacts have always been traded among the Imperium’s elite. The so-called ‘Cold Trade’ keeps many juniors in our Ordo busy. It let’s them begin to understand the scope of our work, so to speak. Of course, many dangerous objects have been found, foul mutating technologies, but often it’s merely a strange alien artwork, or a bizarre musical piece.

Biological matter meant for consumption is rare. Only the Adeptus Astartes (such as the cleverly named Flesh Eaters chapter) are well known for eating sapient Xenos with it being seen as disturbing by most sane humans, it is only one step above being a cannibal, alien as they are.

I came across it when a negotiation with the Rouge Trader Janiva Tenbo brought it to my attention. Janiva’s moral compass is skewered at the best of time, but with the appropriate sum of credits, she directed me to a rival of hers, the late Harald Greas.   According to her, he had been making incursions into T’au space, and returning to the planet of Galifrons in the Valia system. She wasn’t eager to disclose her sources, but admitted her family had long been rivals to the Greas dynasty and she would not be surprised to see his spies in her service. 

Thus we started with Harald Greas, making contact was difficult of course, and we were forced to board his ship. The Tempestus Scion at my side, I belive, he found quite persuasive while we began a search. In the Cargo-hold were cages with, T’au, Vespids, and Kroot. Harald of course, refused to explain why once I had asked him why he was trafficking Xenos Rabble. After some light interrogation enhancement he eventually complied; he had been selling these Xenos to the Hive Nobles of Galifrons. He didn’t ask questions, he claimed. He was merely being paid very well.

His fate was judged for my others. I have had no time to comment on the trial. In any case Taking advantaged of the situation I ordered him to act as if he was carrying out a common procedure to deliver this cargo to the planet. I wasn’t sure what, but I had a few ideas of what; decadent nobles are always in danger of doing something stupid, but as for what brand of stupidity eluded us. Detlaf thought it was a cult to the Runious Powers. Miliea, our tech priest, thought it may have been an unauthorized xenobiological study, while my tactless Tempestus Commander seemed to think something less… natural was afoot. I ignored that… but I will say Detlaf was the closest to what we would find; and unusual Genestealer Cult, calling itself the Savaged Eyes. 

Ignorant of this, we proceeded with the infiltration. We delivered it straight to the top of the Hive-Spire through hidden entry ways. Our gracious hosts allowed us in, and refused to allow us any further. 

That was when the shots where fired. They died as the lasfire hit them. They were regular servants, but autopsy would reveal they were infected by the genestealer ‘kiss’ and we began to sweep the perimeter. Detlaf at the ready with a power sword and plasma pistol, mirroring me as we went in the Dining Hall.

What I saw has scarred me forever more.

These hulking, brutish THINGS were devouring raw the flesh of the Xenos we had delivered, as well as humans. They Devoured them, tearing into them with a sadistic glee I had once only thought possible of the Eldar. Dressed as if they were nobles these monsters ate, laughed and drank red wine.

“FIRE!” was all the command I gave out. the host turned upon us, only a few dropping down as I began a retreat. Soon, the whole household seemed to come alive with a horrid fervor as Purestrain, Aberrants, and cultists arrived. Detlaf did not, as he claims, slay five Purestrains. He did, however manage to bring down two Aberrants. We did not have enough men to cover our escape, but we managed to escape, hunted by the cult and it’s foul masters. Leaving that vessel, I had brought with me my finest companions… Only three of us remained, those that stayed aboard the ship… I envy them now. I have granted those Tempestus that had died to cover our escape full honors, as they have martyred themselves against so insidious a foe. 

The Campaign to purify Galifrons is best recounted in other works, my Lady. My work was in the Shadows from there on, as I prefer. I set out to dispatch key targets, and provide information. Decoding the Cult’s work proved to be quite influential in stopping them. Like many normal cults they left quite a bit of writing. They seemed to believe that, through emulating the ‘Star-Children’ thorugh devouring the flesh of others they could grow stronger, the Eyes being a strange focal point. their key ritual sites/breeding grounds were revealed in ‘poetic’ language, and the might of the Imperium crushed them…

And yet… While recounting this, a chill falls down my spine. The sight I have witnessed of these monsters that were once, or could have been Human so eagerly tearing corpses limb from limb like beasts… The only reference point I have is to seeing the Insidious forces of the Great Enemy… the Ordos common connection is that; seeing the worst of this Galaxy and humanity… a cold comfort, I’m sure you will agree.

Signed: Carter Dark, Ordo Xenos.

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