Slaanesh is The Dark Prince, the Lord of Pleasure and Master of Excess. To the Aeldari, they are She Who Thirsts. Lurking in the recesses of mortal minds, they prey insidiously upon those who allow themselves fall to decadence, excess, lust, pride and gluttony. Their realm embraces excess in all things, not just the more carnal desires – those that feast upon the finest culinary delights can fall into Slaanesh’s claws as easily as the warrior who seek perfection in their craft.

The daemonic legions of Slaanesh glut themselves upon the souls of a doomed world.


  • The Great Game: Of all the Chaos Gods, Slaanesh takes the least interest in The Great Game. They are too caught up in their own indulgence of pleasure and pain for the endless politics that consumes their brothers’ minds. However, Khorne and his boorish followers find Slaanesh’s decadence insulting to their martial honour and conflict between the two is frequent. Nurgle and Tzeentch, while not as obsessively opposed to Slaanesh as their brother Khorne, are fearful of his rapidly growing power – for they know the excess of their own followers could be turned to the power of Slaanesh with but a whisper.
  • Sacred Number: Like all Chaos Gods, Slaanesh has a sacred number: a number that is reoccurring throughout his realm and in the grotesque rituals their mortal worshippers’ conduct in their names. For Slaanesh, this number is six and is the number of domains their realm within the Warp is divided into.
  • The Thirst of Slaanesh: Born from the decadence and depravity of the ancient Aeldari, Slaanesh has laid claim to their souls – a claim they pursue eternally as they consume the souls of any of that ancient race who die without the protection of a Spirit Stone.

Notable Events

  • The Fall of the Aeldari Empire and the Birth of Slaanesh. M25
    • The hedonism and excess of the ancient Aeldari Empire reaches such heights it births a new Chaos God – Slaanesh. This awakening devours the majority of the Eldar race in an instant, pushing them to the brink of extinction, and rips a vast hole in the fabric of reality that would become known to mankind as the Eye of Terror.
  •  The Horus Heresy and the claiming of Fulgrim. 005.M31 — 014.M31
    • The Warmaster of the Imperium, Horus Lupercal, turns his back on the Emperor of Mankind and falls to the claws of Chaos. Eight of his brother Primarchs and their Space Marine legions joining him in this galaxy-spanning civil war.
    • Fulgrim, Primarch of The Emperor’s Children Legion is one of the first to pledge his allegiance to Horus. His obsession with perfection in everything leads to him pledging his – and his legion’s – soul to Slaanesh.
  • The Thirteenth Black Crusade and the Opening of the Great Rift. 999.M41
    • Following the success of the 13th Black Crusade by Abbadon the Despoiler and the destruction of Cadia, a massive Warp Storm rips across the galaxy, cutting off and isolating thousands of worlds. Slaanesh sends out their daemonic legions to glut themselves on the chaos and confusion that reigns across the universe.
  • The Fracture of Biel-Tan. 999.M41
    • The daemonic Herald of Slaanesh known as The Masque masterminds an invasion of the Eldar craftworld of Biel-Tan using the Webway. Having beguiled the Bloodthirster Skarbrand, she leads a host of Slaaneshi and Khornate daemons directly into the heart of the craftworld where she plans to consume the Eldar souls within the craftworld’s Infinity Circuit. Only the awakening of Yncarne (Avatar of the newly awaken Eldar God Ynnead) through the sacrifice of many Eldar souls are the daemon’s defeated.

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