A psyker can be a member of any intelligent race. They wield the power of the Immaterium to manifest psychic powers. These can vary from minor tricks and illusions, to acts of terrifying power with galactic repurcussions. The act of using the Warp leaves Psykers prone to corruption by the ruinous powers.

In the Imperium Psykers are closely monitored as if they are left unchecked they can wreak havoc, either knowingly or not so. The Inquistion spends much of its resources hunting rogue or dangerous psykers down.

An Imperial Psyker unleashes a psychic attack on cultists.


  • Racial Inheritance -Some races are natural psykers, like the Eldar and Orks, while others, such as the T’au and the Necrons, have no psychic ability at all.
  • Imperial Grade: The Imperium grades the powers of its psykers from ‘Alpha Plus’ down to ‘Omega’. Alpha Plus psykers are terrifyingly powerful, while those graded below Sigma are anti-psychic, or ‘blanks’. 

Notable Events

  • A God, Interred – 014.M31
    • The Emperor of Man, the most powerful psyker to have ever lived, is placed upon the Golden Throne to prevent his death. To maintain his life that is slowly withering away, a vast amount of psykers are sacrificed every day to power the machine.
  • Catelexis Heresy – 401.M34
    • The Xenos-Cyborg, Cacodominus, used its supreme psychic ability to exert control over a thousand systems. When Cacodominus was destroyed by the Black Templars, the latent psychic backlash burnt out the minds of millions of astropaths.
  • Psychic Awakening – 999.M41
    • The formation and expansion of the Great Rift, Cicatrix Maledictum, has greatly enhanced and empowered the psychic abilites of races across the galaxy.

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