OX-031 – The Glass Spear

Subject: OX-031 – The Glass Spear

Threat Level: Minima

Description: OX-031 is a masterfully worked spear formed of silver (sourced, according to chemical examination, from the delve-world of Thaedrus), Astartes-grade adamantium alloy, and an unknown substance of xenos origin resembling black-tinted, nonreflective glass periodically shot through with internal electric discharge. Trusted acolytes of the Ordos with experience in the techno-archaeological rites of the Mechanicus have analyzed this substance, showing it to be largely inert in of itself but highly psychically reactive, with a silicate structure fundamentally resonant with the energies of the Warp. OX-031 is capable of cutting through almost any known Imperial armor-plate, with the only materials known to be resistant samples drawn from voidship hulls of Capitolis class or higher and the holy components of Astartes tactical dreadnought armor, though this is theorized to be the result of the xenos entity (hereby referred to as OX-031-1) bound within OX-031’s glassine structure.

This entity cannot be communicated with or banished through normal means, or for that matter, means requisitioned from the psychically-gifted members of our Ordo. It appears to exist partially outside the Materium, with the majority of its substance localized within the Immaterium, communicating through, feeding upon, and shielding itself within the tides of the Warp. According to the theories of Inquisitor +++++++, glassine structures such as this were used as dwelling-places for entities such as OX-031-1, shielding them from warp-predators and daemons while also acting as psychic foci to allow them to interact with objects and entities solely located in the Materium. OX-031-1’s innate energetic properties grant OX-031 a supernaturally keen edge, allowing for the penetrative properties of the object observed, and additionally reacts on contact with most known shielding technologies to open a micro-scale warp rift that allows OX-031 to bypass the aforementioned barrier.

Given OX-031-1’s imprisonment within OX-031, it is likely that the destruction of OX-031 would also lead to the termination of OX-031-1. As such, given current containment protocols (reference Document(s) 031/11a through 031/16k), it is unlikely that OX-031 will prove a threat to our blessed Imperium.

Further information is restricted to Ordo Xenos operatives of Lord-Inquisitor rank or higher.

The Scholars made this weapon. The tool-marks are that of the Astartes; the wards that have been micro-engraved into the glass to make it a prison instead of a home are the writ of the Scholastica Psykana done with the tools of His Space Marines. I do not know where the weapon originated from – entities like OX-031-1 exist nowhere in the records of our Ordo, and in what I can find of the Adeptus Terra’s records of the Silent Scholars’ deployments, where they went before I uncovered this weapon from one of their long-dead champions was a Chaos incursion reported by a Rogue Trader on the edge of Imperial space. The stories, all officially verified, of a Chaos battlefleet and of rogue Astra Militarum groups infected by some strange madness, bear little resemblance to the actual nature of OX-031-1.

My nearest theory, and I say this with all due reservation, is that the Silent Scholars crafted it for the purpose of killing OX-031-1’s species. If they are beings of energy and light, then the conventional weapons known to the Astartes Chapters would be useless against them, and the properties of this “black glass” evident. The homes of xenos entities like OX-031-1 would become their prisons for the rest of time, shattered to kill them until no living record of the species remained… and, by evidence of OX-031’s existence, some bare few kept as weapons for the elite of the Chapter given their unnatural properties.

I will not elaborate further on the means by which I came by OX-031, only to state that I do not believe that I can be connected to the weapon’s disappearance. As such, and given all information stated in the body of this record, I must formally recommend a renewed Inquisitorial investigation into the Silent Scholars Chapter in accordance with the procedure of the satisfactorily-passed reviews of 012.M36 and 883.M39.

Thought for the day: ++Against the Alien and the Traitor, there is no fair way to fight.++

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