OX-029 – Mollarri

Subject: OX-029 – Mollarri

Threat Level: Minoris


Mollarri have been viewed on several T’au colonies, originally believed to be part of the T’au empire, usually as a forced labour force.

Mollarri were encountered on ++++++ after reports from several rogue traders had reached Inquisitor ++++++, we found a Morrali ship landed and they were mining for ceramite and other ores. We attacked immediately and took a Sample for investigation.

The Sample spoke fluent low gothic and when asked how it spoke it, it shrugged and said always, limited linguistic ability or a limited frame of reference to eloquently express their thoughts.

Detailed Biological samples have been taken and analysed and they show base-line humanity with other genetic markers present, although from my initial investigation this shows no obvious xenos markers, further Mechanicum Biologis work is needed to confirm this. – The sample has been preserved and is being transported to ++++++ Mechanicum facility for investigation

Further Investigation is underway and updates will follow.

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