OX-028 Feline Assassins

Subject: OX-028 – Feline Assassins

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: During a routine inspection of planet Felz I heard a rumour about an attempt on the life of a regional Regimental Officer of the Imperium, +++++. As the story went, the assassins in question had heightened abilities matching those of the Imperium’s best and brightest, and the +++++ barely escaped with their life.

I was just about to leave the system when I received a high priority call. The assassins had been caught, and were Xenos. As the closest Inquisitor of the Ordo Xenos it would have been heresy to continue without investigation, and cleansing the Xenos responsible for the attempt on +++++’s life.

Below are the noted enhanced abilities of the heretics, the date for which I gleaned by extensive and invasive testing, followed by my interrogation transcript of the leader.

-Exceptional sense of smell (floor detection rate: 20ppm)

-Increased strength (max observed lift 500kg [note: data gathered under duress: electric shock; may have increased core capabilities])

-Night vision

-Cognitive processing abilities far beyond normal (data gathered post-mortem)

Note: all subjects had subtly feline features such as flattened noses, thin layers of fur on all appendages, sharpened nails. This can be used to identify others for capture and experiment/cleansing.

Transcript: Interrogation of lead assassin suspected of attempted murder of +++++.

Interviewer: Jorca Philing, Inquisitor, Ordo Xenos

Interviewee: <Name not given – designation OX–028-1>

Foreword: Given that assassins nearly murdered +++++ using +++++, this interview was held post-experimentation and pre-cleansing in order to determine the magnitude of the threat to the Imperium.

Begin Log 23:06.725 +++++ system, Interrogation centre on board +++++, vessel of Inquisitor Jorca Philing, Ordo Xenos.

Inquisitor Philing [IP]: How did you determine that your target, +++++, was susceptible to +++++ by +++++?

OX-028-1 [OX]:

<Electric shock applied to unresponsive interviwee. A number of seconds later the interviewee responds.>

OX: We intercepted a private communique to +++++ which revealed their… habits. It was trivial to arrange for +++++ to meet with +++++, where we were ready to end his miserable life-

<Electric shock applied to interviewee>

IP: Are you working alone or are you on someone else’s payroll? Why did you target +++++?

OX: A man called Akros Thane, one of your Inquisitors.

<Interview suspended while I contacted Inquisor Melusine to notify of suspected Heresy.>

IP: And my second question?

OX: +++++ <Full answer redacted> +++++

IP: Do you have anything to add before I bring this interview to a close?

OX: Damn you, damn your Imperium, and extra damnation on your Emper-

End Log 23:20:579

Closing Statement: Interviewee terminated via electric shock at 23:21:460. I recognise that the Xeno may have had more information, but could not abide their Heresy. Other subjects designated as OX-028 were terminated in a similar fashion. Deathwatch notified of this instance and instructed to scour the surrounded space for any more Xenos matching the descriptions of OX-028.


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