OX-027 – Bone Worm

Subject: OX-027 – Bone Worm
Threat Level: Nullus
I was travelling through the Thallus system to deliver my latest batch of OX reports when my vessel came under attack from an individual fighter craft, which was subdued by my ECM and brought into my ship’s cargo bay. Onboard the fighter was a single pilot who charged me, even though I was armed.
Upon the pilot’s demise, a blood-red worm bore through their neck and slithered onto the deck. I established standard OX containment procedures and placed the worm and body of the pilot under strict observation, delaying my return to +++++ +++++ for debrief.
I have spent the last six months taking readings of the creature and have travelled as far as +++++ tracing hosts to ensure that OX-027 is not a threat to the Imperium.
Below are my findings of OX-027:
OX-027 is a worm 500mm in length and an average of 6mm diameter at my last measurement. It thrives in the aorta of human hosts where it secretes a hormone (OX-027-1) that causes the host body to dissolve its bones, which are absorbed by OX-027 when the material reaches the bloodstream.
When the host body has significantly depleted stores of calcium OX-027 secretes a cocktail of behaviour modifying hormones, collectively referred to as OX-027-2, which direct the host to seek out a suitable body for the worm to continue its life cycle.
I have located 26 previous hosts to date with the following symptoms: Severe bone density loss, impaired cognitive function, susceptibility to suggestion, and an unusually strong and wide aorta (+8mm from average internal diameter and +3mm thicker lining).
All previous hosts have been linked to one another back to an underground laboratory beneath the surface of +++++ (coords +++++, +++++).
Most of the data in the laboratory was corrupt, indicative of a D-6 wipe. I am certain that the laboratory archives would be completely wiped if it were not evacuated with haste (I found opened and unfinished ration bars in the small cafeteria). I recovered enough data to conclude that OX-027 is the only Xeno of its kind and is incapable of reproduction. As I have delivered the contained OX-027 to the secure containment centre on +++++ I have classified the threat as Nullus.
On hosts:
Curiously, each host is taller than the last with the last host over 2500mm in height. It is suspected that this is because taller humans have a higher bone mass, which can sustain the bone worm longer.
The transfer of the bone worm between hosts has never been witnessed, and the hosts themselves never remember the event.
The body of the deceased pilot who attacked me in the Thallus system constituted no further value to the Ordo Xenos and as such has been incinerated and recycled.
Addendum – Notes for Containment and Research staff – Recommendations for Containment and Handling:
Store in a standard watertight storage container in the following solution per 100g of worm:
Eight (8) parts saline
Three (3) parts calcium phosphate powder
One (1) part collagen
One (1) part salt
The container should be refrigerated below 258°K to slow the metabolism of OX-027. The solution should be replaced at least once every five (5) years to assure the survival of the subject for further testing.
Standard full body OX PPE should be required to handle OX-027 when the solution is replaced. Report any skin contact with OX-027 immediately as some data fragments from the laboratory on +++++ indicate the worm can transfer significant amounts of OX-027-1 and OX-027-2 with contact times under 0.3 seconds.

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  1. Archivist Cos

    Exemplary work here, Philing. Your research and containment of the creature make the Imperium a safer place. My servos shudder at the thought of playing host to the foul xenos. (I’ve been meaning to see our Techpriest about that.)

    Yet, perhaps OX-027-1 and OX-027-2 could be repurposed for the Inquisition’s use. Behaviour-modifying hormones may prove especially useful in encouraging the conscripts of penal legions to serve in the Emperor’s name, assuming that we would be able to tailor OX-027-2 to suit said purpose.

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