OX-026 – The Flora Brain

Subject: OX-026 The Flora Brain

Threat Level: Majoris Nullus


OX-026 is was a vast network of plantlife, composed mainly of +++++ trees, covering the majority of the surface of +++++ in the +++++ system.

I was present for the initial surveys of +++++, which revealed a surplus of flora and indicating that terraforming efforts would be minimal. The first teams to reach the surface reported headaches and a sense of foreboding, as if they were being watched. These symptoms were ignored as the result of the teams’ inexperience and later recognised as the first signs of OX-026’s integration with future hosts.

My initial samples of soil revealed the root network of OX-026. Every form of plant life on the surface was connected to each of its neighbours underground. Team +++++ was dispatched into cave system +++++ to discover how deep the network went and returned displaying symptoms of advanced retrograde amnesia and early-onset dementia. Each member of team +++++ was immediately submitted to the +++++ in orbit where they were to undergo medical treatment. The medical staff began to show similar symptoms to team +++++ within two hours. The influence of OX-026 spread to the majority of the crew in +++++ hours. Initial conclusions of the terraforming team and medical staff indicate that OX-026’s root network was complex enough to support a superintelligent consciousness, which spread to the crew of the +++++.

Captain +++++ and I retained command of the +++++ long enough to collide +++++ with the planet with enough speed to cause climate-destroying volcanic eruptions, covering the atmosphere with a layer of ash thick enough to prevent sunlight from reaching the surface. The Captain and I boarded an escape pod as the +++++ entered the upper exosphere and were later retrieved by the +++++ on a routine supply run three days later.

Recent probe scans of +++++ show a surface temperature of -153K. Nonetheless, I recommend that +++++ undergo quarantine for the next three-hundred cycles around +++++ to ensure OX-026 is dead.

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