OX-024 – Leviathan

Subject: OX-024 – Leviathan

Threat Level: Minoris


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OX-024 is a singular Xenos entity living in the oceans of the Feral World Alvona, and occupies a semi-mythical reputation amongst the inhabitants of that planet.

Rumoured to have existed in that world’s ocean since humans first colonised it, OX-024 is said to be responsible for the deaths and catastrophes of many seamen on ******. In appearance, it is said to be a colossal beast, larger than even the ancient Terran Balaenoptera musculus, and far more aggressive. Scant reports of OX-024 have surfaced, due in large part to the great technological decay of the Alvonans, who operate on a technological age remarkably similar to Terra’s Iron Age. The only recorded evidence of OX-024’s existence is in the saga of “Grindan Sea-Eye” and other popular folk-stories. I shall continue my research amongst the tribesmen myself, to see if I cannot glean more concrete evidence of this entity’s existence.

Update: I have since spent two weeks amongst the Alvonan tribesmen in an attempt to glean a better understanding of OX-024. Largely, my searchings have been unfortunately fruitless, although one source has bore some information, if only a little.
I met with a man called Hilberht, who claimed to have survived an attack from the entity which he calls the “Batarend”, or when translated to more common veins of Gothic, the “Ship-Render”. Forthwith, I conducted a short interview with the man in which he did divulge some scarce information onto me, although I undoubtedly plan to investigate further.

Transcript: Interview of Hilberht of the Scetheling Tribe:

Interviewer: Silvanus Zharkov.

Interviewee: Hilberht Gorthridsson.

<Begin Log>

Silvanus: “This is Silvanus Zharkov speaking… I have here present with me Hilberht of the-”

<a hiss of static, followed by a rapid shuffling of paper. A distinctly coarse dialect of Low Gothic is heard in the static.>

Sil.: “Hilberht of the Sietheling Tribe.”

Hilberht: “Nay. Scetheling.”

<A disgruntled sigh>

“Sil.: Scetheling. Very well. Let this interview commence. You claim to have seen OX-024, or rather, what you name the “Batarend”. Is this correct?”


Sil.: “And… You have seen this while surviving an attack from this entity.”

Hil.: “Aye.”

Sil.: “Will you describe the encounter?”

“To a Wehl? Nay.”

<There is the sound of further shuffling of furled robes, and then a sharp click.>

Hil.: “Oh, aye, aye. I’ll speak.”

Sil.: “Excellent. By all means, continue.”

Hil.: “Well… Was many moons ago, I suspect. Me and my crew set off along the black-ways, through Marregn. We were set to harry those curs’d Rycelings, but we never arrived.”

Sil.: “How so?”

Hil.: “Eventually, we decided to sail the coast. Quicker than going through the rivers. Too skinny. Too well-known. On the third night of our voyage, I was on deck, when His Eye set below the seas, and we were all in darkness. Nary a flicker of light. It was then I realised that the stars had gone too, and when I looked o’er the side of the ship, I saw that a great fin had come over the side and blotted out the stars…”

Sil: “How did the beast get so close to your ship without alerting you?”

Hil.: “Who am I to know? The sea is its domain. It knows it better than a man knows hisself.”

<A blurt of static. A chuckle, perhaps.>

“Very well. What happened next?”

Hil.: “It struck. The ship was turned o’er in a hurry, and as it were battered over onto its belly, half the crew fell out with it. I remember being dazed, swimmin’ through the water without a thought and seeing nothin’ but blackness, and four eyes peerin’ out at me.

Sil.:“Four eyes?”

“Aye. Beast’s got four eyes. All the better to see its prey. They were huge, bigger than you, or me, or the hall we sit in. I remember a terrible crunch – and then the vessel that we’d travelled in snapped in twain, and the Batarend did it as easy as a child snaps a twig.”

Sil.: “You saw all of this?”

Hil.: “Aye. Swear it on the name of my father. I hit my cap on a rock, and all I remember afterwards is blackness an’ hurt.”
“How did you survive, then?”

<There is the sound of a sharp sigh, and a short moment of silence.>

Hil.: “He was watchin’ out for me. Must have been. I don’t remember anyone else who got out alive, but I remember comin’ to, on the shore, tangled in reeds an’ mud an’ hurtin’ like mad. I managed to make my way back home, an’ the shaman tended to me for weeks until I was better again.”

Sil.: “I… I see. Do you remember anything else about it? Patterns, noises… Anything at all?”
“Nay. Too busy swimmin’ away and hurlin’ meself at rocks, I s’pose.”

Sil.: “I see. Well. I… Thank you for your help, Hilberht. May the Emperor watch over you.”

Hil.: “Mhm…”


<End Log>

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