OX-023 Order of the Wyrm

Subject: OX-023 – Order of the Wyrm

Threat Level: Majoris


OX-023 refers to the Genestealer Cult that calls itself the Order of the Wyrm. This cult, like many others in recent years has grown far beyond being contained on it’s home world and has spread itself across many regions of space. While this is no exception to many other cults, what is thier ‘humble’ origins.

The Order of the Wyrm most likely began in the void, wherein a large ship that was in the posses of a minor xeno’s people crash landed on the world of Slephir-67 in the Slephir system of Segementum Obscuras. According to the cult’s holy text “Book of the Drakes” the xenos and their servants (which were the xenos and which were the genestealers have not been confirmed) taught a local organization of knights under the leadership of Garlaf Helm-Hewyer… they were quickly given the kiss. This gave the Order the ability to spread the cult, worshiping the Patriarch as a War-God sent to test the bravery of the heroes of the world.

Garlaf became a saint, and then martyr as they continued their conquest the minor xenos repairing the ship and using it as a weapon alongside the primitive steel and black-powder weapons of the cult, Garlaf being slain by guard of the Planetary Governor before they were overwhelmed. Fortunately the Martyrdom of the Planetary Governor and his family was the warning nearby Imperial Guard elements, who were able to arrive in a month as the Cult took control of the planet. At the time the xeno’s ship was unknown to be on the planet, thinking it was just a typical rebellion and once the Cult proper was found to be Genestealers, none suspected the fact they had an operational battleship.

The Book of Drakes states; “but the Infidels of the Sheltering Coward knew not of the Star Ship sent by the Graelis. Blessed by the Father, the secrets were yet unraveled. We understood the star-jumps needed to flee should the Wyrm not come.” and while indeed, the Hive Fleet would not arrive in time to assist them, they would manage to escape. a few years of campaigning and cleansing attempts later the planet would attract Hive Fleet Manticore. While Astartes of the Lunar Storm Primaris Chapter would attempt to stop them the planet was lost and the threat of Manticore continues, helped by it’s presumed progeny.

Since the events of Slephir-67, the Order of the Wyrm has spread across the sub-sector, with new ‘orders’ being founded in hive-gangs, feudal and feral worlds, even threatening Recruiting Worlds of the Adeptus Astartes. Estimates on how quickly they can be eliminated are uncertain. All sightings of the Void Vessel called by the cult “Dragon’s Egg” are to be investigated swiftly by Deathwatch Kill Teams, as it is suspected to remain the main command center of the cult.

Genestealer Cults in all their form as a disgusting perversion of humanity, twisting loyal and good men to cold and alien gods. I propose that worlds that are not as blessed by the fruits of the Machine-God to be monitored heavily less another Order of the Wyrms rise… I will leave that up to the next Inquisitorial conclave, but something must be done.

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