OX-022 – Parasitic Pollinators

Subject: OX-022 – Parasitic Pollinators

Threat Level: Extremis


OX-022 refers to a recently uncovered class of genestealer cult infestation. The first known case was observed aboard the Vagabond Class Merchant Trader ++++++++ ++ ++++. The cult, know as the Pollinators, started small but eventually took over all the ship’s warp and plasma engine work crews. Much like cults found on Imperial worlds, they remained unnoticed through hard, skilled labor. It seems mine foreman and ship’s captains alike are willing to turn a blind eye as long everything runs smoothly.

The multitude of cult generations had a singular focus, to breed and nurture new pure strain genestealers. Each time the merchant vessel made port, a small contingent of cult members slipped away to the planets’ surface with pure strain young to ensure new cults may germinate. Of the two dozen worlds on the ++++++++ ++ ++++’s route, at least half have been found to have genestealer cult infestations and three are reeling from full fledged insurrections spurred on by the cults. In addition, splinters of both Hive Fleets Behemoth and Hydra have been spotted bearing in the direction of the sub-sector.

The ++++++++ ++ ++++, through pure luck, has since been neutralized but is unlikely to be the only vessel housing this class of infestation. Memoranda detailing likely warning signs of OX-022 have been forwarded to Imperial Navy Sector Command and Watch Captain Nereus. Through thorough interplanetary customs screenings, the spread of OX-022 infestations can be greatly reduced, although nothing short of a complete trade embargo across the entire sector (or perhaps the entire Imperium) can ensure its eradication.

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