OX-021 – The Chain of Hearts

Subject: OX-021 – The Chain of Hearts

Threat Level: Minoris


This object consists of seven heart shaped and smooth gemstones of a deep crimson joined by a chain of approximately 0.2cm in thickness. Each gem is encapsulated by a border of gold plating. The back of the plating is scratched, suggesting it was worn perhaps as a necklace over armor. Within each of the gems can be seen a patter resembling a galactic spiral. Detail of this intricacy should not be possible on gems a little over 3.8cm in diameter.

The gems were taken from an Aeldari reaver during a failed raid on the merchant vessel Intrepid Discoverer and for five years were kept amongst the other trappings of the vessels captain, Yuris Belkard. It appears from what little could be recovered from the logbook of the captain that she believed they brought good fortune. Upon integration of her surviving crew, some recounted hearing the captain speaking to the gems and replying as if the gems were speaking back to her. One crew member gave up the name Linyardis, a name of clear xenos origin, as one such figure who he believed resided in the gems. The name has yet to be recognized by the archives. It is our understanding that there are more spirits within the gems that are yet to reveal themselves. Ongoing attempts to discover other personalities inside the gems have so far been inconclusive. The gems led the Intrepid Discoverer to many other xenos artefacts which were seized from the vessel upon boarding. These can be found in files OX -+++++ through OX -+++++.

It is widely understood by the ordo that the Aeldari store spirits of the slain within gemstones, what is less common is seeing them in such high concentration on a single object and encountering instances where the gemstones have opened dialogue with non-warp sensitive individuals. Especially those who have, in essence, stolen the items.

When first contact with the Inquisition was made, the captain had isolated herself from other members of the crew during a mutiny and was in the process of deactivating life support in sections of the ship in an apparent attempt to destroy the surviving crew until they obeyed her commands to fly into well-known Aeldari space. Boarding action was taken but by the time of our agent’s arrival only 17% of the original crew remained. These survivors were rounded up for the aforementioned interrogations with all surviving members of the interrogations currently awaiting trial for the coveting of xenos artifacts. The captain was found dead by apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head. Logs of the boarding action along with casualty reports, order transcripts and munitions expenditure are available and currently with scribe adept Phalyn awaiting archiving.

Attempts to open communication with the gems since their capture have been unsuccessful, however, astropath Ingnisius reported feeling what they described as a “strong inclination” toward coordinates [AWAITING CONFIRMATION] in the Segmentum Obscurus. Charts show this is as an area heavy in Aeldari presence with a high amount of confirmed sightings and contacts.

Conclusion is that the gems wish to be found and returned to their own kind. This makes them exceedingly dangerous to unsheltered minds.

It is currently in a stasis lock sealed in vault +++++ at station +++++

Recommended use: Bait.

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