OX-020 – Biomancer Khaesret

Subject: OX-020 – Biomancer Khaesret

Threat Level: Majoris


OX-020 is a specimen from the species of xenos known as the Necrontyr. Identifying herself as a cryptek, she specializes in the study and experimentation of organic races. OX-020 was discovered in hiding aboard the Ark Mechanicus Caestus Metalicum, after it had returned from the expedition of the planet of Silva Tenebris. OX-020 had masqueraded as Magos Biologis Lambda-Mu-Alpha-Omicron, who had reportedly joined the expedition because of her expertise in xenology. The real Magos Biologis has yet to be found, and it is unknown when she was replaced on the mission.

OX-020 maintains the bipedal form commonly found amongst Necron cryptek-forms, but her cephalon’s sight organs have been replaced by one monocular sensor. Like all Necrons, her body is made up of the mysterious material known as necrodermis, and she retains no dynastic insignia. Among her possessions seized by Kill Team ++++++ after she was detained included a staff approximately 2 meters high, which has an unknown purpose, and a device that can be best described as a holographic field generator, which was among the items used to disguise herself as the late Magos Biologis.

OX-020 is unique in that she accompanied another subject who’s record is stored in the Athenaeum, known by the designation OH-000. They were both apprehended at the same time, and, unlike other subjects stored in Inquisitorial facilities, surrendered willingly rather than risk destruction. When questioned about her relationship with OH-020, OX-020 claims that OH-020 was her test subject. However, when questioned, OH-020 gave a different answer, saying that OX-020 was in fact his test subject, and making a movement with his augmetics that the interrogator and observers interpreted as being a derisive gesture. These differing statements have confused Throne Agents, however it is likely that the heretic tech-priest struck a deal with the cryptek, but the details of this deal are as yet unknown. OX-020 is currently detained in Inquisitorial Facility ++++, alongside OH-020.

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