OX-019 – The Throne of Glass

Subject: OX-019 – Throne of Glass

Threat Level: Nullus


OX-019 is an artifact found on Craftworld ++++++++ during an assault by the ++++++++++++ Chapter of the Adeptus Astartes. Submitted to Inquisitorial Facility ++++, it quickly shocked and disturbed the many Inquisitorial agents who studied it. OX-019 is 2 meters long, with a backrest that is 2.5 meters tall from its ornately carved head to its bottom. OX-019 has armrests that rise 1.5 meters from its base, and the entire piece is intricately carved with legends from Aeldari mythos. Ordos Savants were able to identify several of the Aeldari’s heretical gods, such as Isha and Khaine among them. The entire artifact is made out of an unknown substance, but many Savants have ventured to guess that the object is made out of a peculiar form of wraithbone. The material’s translucent appearance caused Throne Agents to dub it the “Throne of Glass.”

Upon initial inspection, OX-019 appears inert. It gives no discernible material or psychic reaction to being touched or sat upon by a baseline human being. However, when a psyker approaches the artifact, it begins to give off waves of psychic energy that Ordos psykers describe as “calming” and “soothing.” Upon being seated, psychic subjects found their ability heightened by several orders of magnitude, allowing them greater access to the powers of the Warp. However, on several occasions, subjects told Inquisitorial observers that they felt as if they were being watched, and on one occasion, a small Warp rift opened in the testing chamber and had to be swiftly closed by Ordos psykers who were observing the tests. After that incident, OX-019 was deemed too dangerous for use by psykers and was transported to Inquisitorial Facility ++++ for long-term storage.

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