OX-018 – The Silent Librarians

Subject: OX-018 – The Silent Librarians

Threat Level: Minoris


OX-018 appears as a large (3 feet in diameter approximately) spherical ball of black liquid that levitates between 5-10 feet above the ground. Matter drips slowly but continuously from its form and when the subject reaches a certain critical reduction in mass it falls to the ground only to coalesce from its drippings and return to its starting mass after a few hours. It has no discernable features; mouth, ears or other orifices and appears to gain sustenance through absorption of liquid and gasses in the atmosphere into its form directly, perhaps through osmosis. It has been sighted in groups ranging from 5 to 10 individuals at any one time.

The Silent Librarians have been identified in multiple recently emptied locations around the Segmentum Obscurus, drawn to abandoned areas of learning: libraries, scriptoriums, logos buildings. Here they have been viewed to linger next to open scripture as if reading and occasionally absorb papers, date slates and other means of data storage into their forms. It is inconclusive at this stage as to what ends this behavior leads. There have currently been no sightings in areas with a population density ranging from 0-100,000 within a 20,000 square mile radius.

Most recent sightings are listed below:

  • Ruins of the Library of the xenos Ilkan’siel: Kirov I
  • A recently Abandoned Scriptorium of The Coveted Word: Thanox IV
  • Haus Catalogus Tyranus: +++++++ ++

Attempts at basic communication have been unsuccessful. Small arms fire from autopistols and flechette weapons will penetrate the outer mass but then lose energy within the subject. The bullets and shrapnel then drop from beneath it with the other dripping matter. recovery of the ammunition showed signs of intense acidic degradation. Energy weapons yield a similar response with energy being rapidly absorbed by the subject. Only the most powerful weapons pass through the subject but the hole formed recovers in seconds. Mass reactive rounds have shown to reduce the subjects mass but again, this quickly reforms. It does not show any clear outward reaction to being harmed if it is indeed being harmed at all.

The subject shows no signs of aggression and will attempt to increase the distance between itself and other lifeforms or obstacles which appear to be anything other than another of its kind. After a certain length of time, the subjects coalesce into a singular larger mass for transportation to another site, then they split apart and their process begins anew. Whilst in these larger super-organism forms the dripping matter that is left in their wake is highly acidic and has been reported to cause severe damage to any organic and non organic matter in their path across the many miles The Silent Librarians have been known to travel from one destination to the next. It is due to the currently unknown and thus unpredictable pattern of this behavior that keeps their Threat Level from reducing to Nullus.

Further observation is advised, but evidence so far suggests no greater threat to the Imperium, +Request Denied+ [if communication could be opened with them, they may suffice as an expediated means of cataloguing data.] +Request Denied+

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