OX-017 – A Unified World

Subject: OX-017 – A Unified World

Threat Level: Minoris


OX-017 is located on the planet of Pandolin in the Jarhe System of Segementum Pacificus. On the surface, it is an ordinary world, barring varied climates similar to Holy Terra in it’s infancy. However, the environment is actually an entity of it’s own a living, possibly thinking organism. When agitated by foreign stimulus, the flora and fauna react; Vines and roots entangle the subject, attempting to asphyxiate it. The remains are eaten by local predators, if necessary.

OX-017 remained unknown until the Explorator Fleets marked it for colonization. However all attempts failed, and with the vanishing We of the Ordo Xenos were dispatched to investigate. Agitated by our Magos Biologious taking samples (as well as Catachan Flamer-Teams to cut away the foliage and fauna) it resorted to sending in large Xeno-Forms. We were forced to retreat, the samples taken and analyzed by the Magos Biologius, and the results are still in debate. The Flora died soon after being disconnected form it’s parent organism, however the bodies of the Fauna were quite enlightening.

Examinations of their grey-matter equivalents allow us to see the planet as a minor psychic gestalt. Testing with psykers in the atmosphere of the planet, one described the planet of ‘A choir of one, alone in the void.’ and interview with the psyker suggests that it is barely sapient. It seems to be barely aware of anything aside from that which threatens it, the bare minimum of intelligence. It’s similarity to the hive-mind of the Tyranids is noted, but it’s origins seem relatively more begin.

Most of the Fauna exbibit traits closely related to the Saurus of Aeldari Exodite worlds. However given the ferocity of which the Aeldari defend their Maiden Worlds it is unlikely… some theorize the planet itself rebelled against it’s Eldar Masters. Others claim this was the work of Xenos Gene-smiths, or even the artistic results of humanity during Old Night. As it stands, it is a threat to Humanity’s superiority and continued growth. Whether the environment can be ‘lobotomized’, or made to work with humanity is a matter of debate. Currently, the argument is as Xenos intelligence it should be destroyed and re-terraformed. Other’s suggest that the planet could be reasoned with or pacified with proper study. Certainly it would be far cheaper, they argue.

Regardless of the eventual outcome of the debate, the planet is currently under lock-down, and it seems to be content with it. Whatever your orders to it’s fate, I hope it is taken with the Emperor’s guidance.

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