OX-016 – Performance Enhancer

Subject: OX-016 – Performance Enhancer

Threat Level: Minoris


OX-016, known colloquially as Libidinotus, is typically presented as a dehydrated insectoid invertebrate curled into a loose spiral, which if unraveled averages 5 cm in length with a cream/brown coloured exoskeleton. The substance gained notoriety within the upper levels of Hive ++++++ on +++ beginning in the later days of 020M41. OX-016 was popularized as a potent aphrodisiac among the hive elite and became a staple favor distributed to guests attending their extravagant soirées. It quickly gained a dangerous reputation as approximately one in twenty people who ingested OX-016 fell ill and died within 36 hours. Symptoms include: nausea, diarrhea, rashes, severe abdominal pain, and vomiting blood. 

I witnessed the effects of OX-016 firsthand whilst dining with Lord and Lady +++++ at their home while undercover investing House +++++ for an unrelated matter. Unbeknownst to me at the time the nobles had OX-016 cooked into our meal that evening. I thankfully had been disposing of the food into a handkerchief throughout dinner and was therefore unaffected. Lord +++++ began moaning and retching approximately three and a half hours after the entrée was served. Due to the potency of OX-016’s effects Lady +++++ began making advances on myself and her husband completely undeterred by her husband’s suffering. I fetched the House medicae and we brought him to his bed but. Despite the medicae’s best efforts Lord +++++ had died by the morning.

An autopsy of Lord +++++ revealed 1.5 cm diameter holes bored throughout his torso. The insectoid the subject had consumed was found alive, burrowing through the man’s muscle and organ tissue using a combination of its mandibles and a highly corrosive substance excreted from its mouth. Egg sacks, white in colour, a millimeter in length and no thicker than a human hair, were found embedded all along the “tunnels”. 

These findings have led me to theorize that OX-016 evolved survival and mating habits in which the creatures lie dormant until consumed by a larger animal. In doing so it releases hormones in the host increasing the desire to mate, thereby potentially transmitting the parasite to the mate or to incentivize the host to eat more of its kind as only five percent of OX-016 survive in the host’s body up to this point. Those which do survive feed off the host causing severe internal damage until the host dies or becomes incapacitated. This leaves a bountiful meal for the thousands of its larva as they hatch. 

Earlier reports have stated that the use of OX-016 is popular among many Drukari Kabals. Based on knowledge of Drukari society, OX-016 fits with their penchant for extreme excess and delight in the agony of others. Lady +++++, the chef, the medicae, and other House +++++ staff were apprehended and have undergone interrogation, yielding little additional information.

The investigation into how the xenos contraband is brought to +++ is still ongoing. My network of acolyte cells throughout the subsector have begun to narrow in on the group(s) responsible for trading with the duplicitous xenos and smuggling OX-016 into the region. More information to follow as the investigation progresses.

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