OX-015 – Caeleste Cete

Subject: OX-015 – Caeleste Cete

Threat Level: Minoris


OX-015 is a group of large, void-borne creature that roam the Eastern Fringe of the Ultima Segmentum. First spotted in the +++++ system by Captain ++++++ of the +++++++++, OX-015 was initially a cause for alarm when investigated by the Ordo Xenos, because of their proximity to the infamous Hadex Anomaly. However, upon further study by the Ordos, it was discovered that these creatures are non-hostile, only taking aggressive action when angered.

Despite their superficial resemblance to the whales of ancient Terra, OX-015 are not fish, and have no discernible internal organs. Instead, they appear to be translucent, which could indicate they are made of a gelatinous substance like a jellyfish, or they could be some form of energy. Ordos Savants often favor the latter theory, as when killed they appear to dissipate into the void.  Younger, smaller individuals are usually a more turquoise color, while older ones are larger, and deep blue.

OX-015 typically roam in packs of anywhere from 5-10 individuals, with 2-4 adolescents and 3-7 adults. Packs have been spotted sparingly in the Ultima Segmentum, and there have been reports of sightings in both Imperium Nihilus and Imperium Sanctus, indicating that either the species was split upon the opening of the Cicatrix Maledictum, or that they have some way to pass through the Rift itself. Throne Agents have paid a great deal of attention to the latter hypothesis, and several individuals have been captured for testing by the Ordo Xenos. OX-015 is not a threat to the Imperium, and shall be continued to be observed and, if necessary, tested upon to facilitate further understanding.

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