OX-014 – Oorose Tree Infection

Subject: OX-014 – Oorose Tree Infection

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: In a joint investigation with Interrogator +++++ of the Ordo Militarum, Ordo Minoris, an infection has been discovered, caused by spores emitted by the Oorose tree of the polar jungle of Innerth. The infection is similar to many of the fungal infections documented by the Adeptus Mechanicus, so far this infection has been resistant to treatment. Genetor +++++ is currently working on the problem.

The infection  was first noticed infecting members of the 87th Scarrian Irregulars. The 87th has been on planet cleansing the jungle of a resurgent feral Ork population, remnants of the invasion of Waaagh Droksnik in 843.M41. Recently, the regiment has scaled back severely the use of +++++, an effective and safe defoliant [per Adeptus Mechanicus statistics on acceptable level of force reduction due to toxic warfare, see ref. AMB34959 “The Weakness of the Flesh Lung as it Applies to Warfare”]. When pressed, members of the regiment were reluctant to harm the Oorose trees. The autopsy of those that did not survive questioning has shown the spore infection on a number of locations on the brain, specifically those responsible for survival instinct and long term memory. Further tests on the living indicated that while the memories of those infected were intact many significant details have been changed by the infection. One subject reports that she remembers her mother having many features of the Oorose tree.

The 87th Scarrian Irregulars have been sent to the Adeptus Mechanicus facility on +++++ for further analysis. All record of them has been expunged. Recommend replacement with tox-warfare specialist troopers.

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