OX-013 – Faitour Station

Subject: OX-013 – Faitour Station

Threat Level: Minoris


Extract from the logs of Inquisitor Adelard Blackwood, following a passing visit to Faitour Station.

Log begins:

Faitour Station (Atarax Sector, Segmentum Pacificus) was brought into the Imperial fold some four centuries ago as part of the Galimatias Crusade and was quickly adopted as the staging point for the second front, despite its obvious xenos origin. Externally, the station resembles a sword – a long, vertical central shaft, pointed at one end, with a larger diameter disc section approximately three-fifths of the way up. The station appears to be constructed from a single piece of quartz – fine-grain auspex scans indicate the entire structure is without a single flaw down to the atomic level.

The station was reportedly uninhabited and open to the void when first scouted by the forward elements of Battlefleet Atarax, despite the presence of numerous Aeldari fleet elements in the system. With this in mind, it came as some surprise to the small force who later docked there when they found it fully powered, and with an atmosphere matching Terran Standard to within a 0.00027% margin of error. The landing force reported this back, and that they were to begin a structured exploration of the station. This was the last time they were heard from.

A further force from Battlefleet Atarax arrived, and found the original force’s craft still docked at the station. Vox logs indicated that contact had been lost with the landing party exactly 15 standard minutes after their transmission to the fleet, and at a distance of exactly 1 kilometre into the station. Fleet support elements were tasked with mapping the station and, if possible, finding the original landing party. The results from the first three teams were seemingly impossible – corridors which did not link with other sections as expected, or at all; rooms which should, in a cartesian coordinate system, be several kilometres out in space; teams tasked with mapping opposite directions meeting one another a short time later, with one team stood on the ceiling as if it were the floor. One constant was that any team tasked with going further than a kilometre from the shell of the station would disappear without a trace.

To this day, the station has not been fully mapped. Human habitation is limited to the few hundred kilometres of dock zone where the first landing party arrived and the immediate area (and never more than a kilometre into the station) with all other zones strictly off-limits to unauthorised personnel. If it were not for the tactically and economically vital position this station holds, this Inquisitor would recommend the complete destruction of the structure – however, doing so would place significant strain upon the worlds which rely on trade routes passing through this system, and which use the station as a refuelling point. Let it not be said that the Inquisition cannot be merciful. Be that as it may, the populace and any visitors to the station should be closely watched, and any taint extinguished.

Log ends.

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