OX-012 – A Graveyard in the Void

Subject: OX-012 – A Graveyard in the Void

Threat Level: Minoris


OX-012 refers to a phenomenon in the Morbius sector of Segmentum Pacificus, centered around the system of Dureth and it’s native population of Void Whales. It was first noted by Admiral Ahab Ishimal when his Astropaths became overwhelmed by despair and lethargy after moving past the Dureth system. Intrigued, he made the order to investigate and came across what he referred to as “A Graveyard in the Void”; Through means we are not yet sure of, they began to hear the Whalesong (Which usually is only heard by Astropaths due to the Void Whales’ relation to the Warp)  which was describe as a ‘Mournful cry’ as it came into view on their sensors. A lone Void Whale was making it’s way to the The Asteroid belt, showing signs of having been in battle, it’s hide covered in the marks that, upon  viewing for myself, were similar to those dealt by Tyranid Bio-Ships.

The few Ships that were sent to approach changed the tone of the song, and the Admiral, perhaps wisely, ordered his fleet to remain at a respectful distance. The specimen would later expire around the Asteroid belt. Admiral Ahab ventured closer, finding that many of the asteroids were, in fact, the remains of others of it’s kind. He then left the system, and reported the event to local authorities, and the Ordo Xenos was dispatched to investigate.

This behavior has been documented before in other species on a multitude of worlds, however, the main concern is the Whalesong. it has been a well documented phenomenon that the Whalesong can only be heard by Astropaths during long warp-travels. The fact that ordinary men and women were able to hear–and more importantly, feel–the affects of the song warrants concern. While labeled ‘Minoris,’ should warp entities take advantage of the system in which OX-012 is located, it may prove to be far worse. Theories as to why the system has this affect in the local population are unknown. Some suggest that this is simply an evolutionary behavior, while others suggest this was a taught behavior passed down long ago by some ancient race that tamed them (as that is rather fanciful to my tastes, I assume the former).

Further complicating study is that the Void Whales have been shown to aggressively defend the system should they spot any vessel closing in on their resting place. While ship-cannons prove to be capable of driving them away in most situations, these examples will not rest until they fall with or without their enemies, and with rising Tyranid activity the Whales are visiting more often.

On a minor note, their actives have raised questions in the Ordo Xenos; it is assumed that they are not sapient, but activity here proves that they value the graves of their dead in some regard. Debates as to whether to reclassify Void Whales as Sapient Xenos and to purge them has been long and it’s history will not be went into detail. Arguments for and against this classification would take too long for my humble hands to write. What is certain, due to the Plague Lord’s attempt at the realm of Ultramar, is that the Void Whales are capable of being corrupted by the Ruinous Powers, willingly or not, and this area does warrant study.

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    1. Carter Dark

      Void Whales are well known in the Imperial archives, though understandably they can be a rare site. I am not quite sure what OX-025’s relationship with them is. A possible mimicry? Convergent evolution?

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