OX-011 – Sho’aun’gue’la

Subject: OX-011 – Sho’aun’gue’la

Threat Level: Minoris


Sho’aun’gue’la is the T’au name for a the device recovered from the underhive of Hive Primus of Innerth in +++++ system. The name roughly translates to Human Power Source. It is capable of rendering any carbon input into human edible output. So far, no ill effects have been noticed by any who have ingested the material but the population of the area in which this machine was active should be monitored.

Transcript: Interrogation of Jelko Salves

Interviewer: Deductor Harmont, acolyte in service of Inquisitor +++++

Interviewee: Jelko Salves, Ecclesiarchy Priest, deceased

Foreword: Partial recording submitted to supervising Inquisitor +++++ with fifth (5) request for new vid capture device [denied]

Begin Log

Jelko: -roke my nose!

Harmont: Now you look more like your xenos masters.

Jelko: I remain loyal to Him on Terra! My flock was dying, the upper spires have cut off all food shipments to this sector after a worker strike.

Harmont: I don’t care. Name your supplier.

Jelko: I can’t, they will kill all of us.

Harmont: Your silence won’t help you any.

<Pict-feed cuts out>

End Log

Closing Statement: Although only one of these devices was recovered, it suggests an active flow of xenos tech into the hive world. Advise increased surveillance of system trade, particularly of Rogue Trader Devantien.

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