OX-010 – Rictus

Subject: OX-010 – Rictus 

Threat Level: Minoris


Rictus is the colloquial name of a weapon deployed by the drukhari xenoform. The existence of this agent has been hypothesized by Ordo Xenos operatives in the sector for several decades but no conclusive evidence of its existence has been found until now. 

Acting in conjunction with ++++++ we were able to determine a pattern in raids made by the drukhari xenoform in subsector +++++. This yielded six locations that had over a 24.7% chance of being raided by the xenoform within the decade. Preparations were made for constant surveillance of these locations and local populations were bolstered to maximise the possibility that our surveillance provided valuable intelligence. 

Unfortunately, locations Alpha, Gamma and Delta were removed from play when a local Astra Militarum commander noticed their relative lack of defences. Agent ++++ was terminated for failing to properly ensure that reinforcements to these locations were delayed. Locations Mu, Lambda and Omicron remained viable. 

First observation of Rictus was made at site Omicron. Ordo theories that the xenoform were deploying some form of paralytic agent were immediately dispelled through observation of the immediate effect of the weapon which – far from paralysing victims – caused 82% of the local population to cease to operate under normal social norms. Debauched behaviour including +++++, public +++++ and +++++ was observed. Three standard hours after deployment of the agent the unaffected portion of the local population had been entirely killed off by affected individuals. 

Drukhari xenoforms were first observed entering site Omicron five standard hours after Rictus was seemingly deployed. This coincided with the final descent of survivors into a debauched frenzy with victims seemingly intent upon inflicting pain on themselves and others. Interrogator Xa Tum noted that the level of violence was comparable to a 7th Level Action. 

Drukhari xenoforms appeared to be able to release victims from the effect of psychological effects of Rictus using a silver dodecahedron. This did revert any physical damage inflicted upon them during the frenzy. Victims were then transferred into transparent caskets which were then removed from the area by the xenoform. 

Close examination of the footage revealed a transfer of some form from the victim to the dodecahedron, suggesting that Rictus has a physical form. It was noted that the transparent caskets that victims were transferred into did not appear to be a form of stasis, with movement observed in victims after entombment with several noted to have faces contorting in pain.  This agent is unsure how victims survived entombment but notes that there appeared to be no further fatalities once the xenoform made its presence known. 

Following the recovery of this information, surveillance of sites Lambda and Mu is being increased to better analyse the effects of Rictus. We expect more data to be available within 2 standard years.

Threat Assessment: Threat Minoris

  • No damage to local infrastructure 
  • Effect localized. Other settlements on +++++ unaffected
  • No possibility of  corruption of local population due to lack of survivors

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