OX-009 – The Omicron Spaceport

Subject: OX-009 – The Omicron Spaceport

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: Free Port (Outside of Imperium Control)

In the Antila star system more than twenty millennia ago, the Interex built a great hub of commerce on the system’s fifth planet; but war with the Imperium destroyed their civilization. And ever since, Antila V and its spaceport of Omicron Velorum has changed hands many times over. Such that no one today remembers those previous races, or even how the port got its name. At present, the Antila system lies well outside the Imperium’s zone of control; and as such, is frequented by all manner of races intent on commerce and trade. On any given day there can be found Elquon merchant junks, commercial carracks of the Thexian Trade Empire, freighters from the Draxian Hegemony, Donarathi trading barques, and even the occasional Rag and Bone ship from N’Dras. The port is also a haven for human smugglers and Rogue Traders; being as it is far away from the creaky Imperial bureaucracy, or the prying eyes of our all seeing Inquisition. Or for that matter, from the avariciousness of Imperial governors, who are a great nuisance to the livelihood of Rogue Traders.

Omicron Velorum is a marketplace for products of all kinds, from basic foodstuffs, to forbidden technology, to weapons. There also exists a trade in rare and exotic artefacts, though few realise the danger in such commerce. And regardless of anyone’s laws or morality, there has existed for millennia a thriving slave market. The port is a home away from home for both Aledari Corsairs and Drukhari Raiders alike. It is a natural haunt for mercenaries of all kinds, from Tarellian Dog-soldiers to Nekulli Whisper-gunners; with numerous Kroot kindred calling the port their second home. Here one can find for hire any number of bounty hunters, contract killers, or assassins. Whether they be of the xenos, human, or of the automata variety. It is even rumoured that the Officio Assassinorum operates a number of safe houses in Omicron Velorum. Although this cannot be confirmed, as any inquiry that is made; however discretely, results in the investigator disappearing without a trace.

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