OX-008 – Durun’s Blade

Subject: OX-008 – Durun’s Blade

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: Durun’s Blade was recovered by Deathwatch Captain Senso Durun in 397.M40 during a mission to eliminate unknown xenos raiders from the desert world of Braddock.  Durun and his team teleported to the surface in the middle of a raid and engaged the xenos.  Within 290 seconds, his entire team was dead or dying and Durun triggered the emergency teleport beacon.  He returned to the Inquisitorial Ship Duty Never Ends with the Durun Blade through his chest, and died within the teleport chamber.  None of the recording equipment on Durun or his team had functioned correctly, and there remains no firm evidence to show what nature of xenos was involved.

Over the years, numerous studies of Durun’s Blade have taken place to try and identify its origin.  The blade itself is crystalline in structure, is nearly 3 metres in length, and is lit from within by an energy which does not appear to have dimmed over the centuries since it was recovered.  It is made of a substance which has resisted attempts to both identify and penetrate.  There is no handle to the blade; it tapers to a point at both ends.  The length of blade which protruded from Durun’s back is slightly thicker than that which protruded from his front, but its weight is concentrated more in the thinner section.

Tests have taken place to determine the lethality of the blade, but there is no obvious ‘sharp edge’ with which to slice flesh.  The ends of the blade, whilst pointed, should not be sufficient on their own to cut through reinforced ceramite.  It is presumed that the xenos employed a thrusting motion to impale Durun, using its own strength to punch the blade through the armoured body.

Additionally, only limited information was gained from examining the bodies of the other members of Durun’s team who were teleported back to Duty Never Ends.  All died from puncture wounds, but whether these were caused by projectile or close combat weapons is unknown.  The wounds were precise, with no evidence of chemical or biological residue found within.

Having reviewed the evidence and been allowed to conduct my own tests (which yielded nothing new), I cannot say with any certainty what manner of xenos bore it.  If pressed, I would offer that there is a strong possibility that this may be an entirely new species which we have not encountered before; a lesser possibility is that it may be necrontyr in origin.

Since Durun’s mission to Braddock, there have been no further reports of xenos activity on the planet.

Until now; they have returned.

I have requested Ordo Xenos forces be despatched to Braddock to investigate the threat behind the Durun Blade.

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