OX-007 – Craftworld An-Angua

Subject: OX-007 – Craftworld An-Angua

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: The Aeldari craftworld of An-Angua has recently been sighted emerging from the Boten Nebula cloud on the Eastern Fringe. The massive vessel is dark and silent and there are no responses to communication attempts from Imperial Navy warships. Our contacts within the Aeldari will not be drawn on the history of this craftworld and feign ignorance when confronted with its name.

The task of destroying a craftworld is no trivial act due to its considerable mass, and An-Angua seems to possess some measure of automated defences. Local Imperial Navy patrols are currently picketing the drifting craft while they await reinforcements from Battlefleet Ultima.

Noted Ordo Xenos Inquisitor Unfortunus Veck has managed to effect a landing with a small warband, using the skills of his trade to evade the craftworld’s defences. His reports [c.f. Appendix 1 – 39] detail a craftworld of “echoing and abandoned halls” and defences “apparently prepared for a battle that never took place”.

We await further reports on Craftworld An-Angau from Inquisitor Veck. They will be appended to this archive entry.

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