OX-005 – Hakka of Hakachack

Subject: OX-005 – Hakka of Hakachack

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: The Hakka of Hakachack are a minor xenos species found on the northern marches of the Anton Antecedent sub-sector in the galactic south east. They are short when compared to the human form, canid in appearance, strong of odor and extremely belligerent. Their culture is highly militarised and they have an advanced level of weapon technology. However their ability to travel the void is underdeveloped and they are limited to real-space travel within their own starsystem, making them a local threat at best.

Inquisitors, Rogue Traders and other Imperial personnel operating in the area should note that their star system is protected by a weaponised asteroid belt, known as Ghak-Jahk-Jkah in the language of the Hakkan. This translates into low gothic as ‘Divine Footsteps’. The asteroid belt marks the area that the Hakkan believe their gods stood sentinel to protect their development as a species.

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