OX-004 – The Masque of the Crimson Edge

Subject: OX-004 – The Masque of the Crimson Edge

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: OX-004 refers to the collective organization known as The Masque of the Crimson Edge, one of a number of troupes known to the Ordo Xenos as Harlequins. As a collective, Harlequins are identified as worshippers and agents of an Aeldari figure known as Cegorach, the Laughing God. At any given point the Masque of the Crimson Edge is composed of up to nine different figures, each which different titles and masks. Said titles are usually indicative of the type of role played during the productions staged by the Crimson Edge. The members are identified as follows:

  • OX-004-1 – The Master of Ceremonies/Laughing Man – Typically the leader of the Crimson Edge, the Laughing Man wears a mask carved with a rictus grin. Typically plays leading roles or narration.
  • OX-004-2 – The Maiden – The Maiden wears a mask decorated with an array of tears. Typically plays damsels, maidens, or prophets.
  • OX-004-3 – The Warrior – The Warrior wears a red mask emblazoned with flames. Typica
  • OX-004-4 – The Scholar – The Scholar wears a grey mask covered in Xenos script. Typically plays scientists, antiquarians, or any other “intellectual” as needed.
  • OX-004-5 – The Manservant – The Manservant wears a nondescript white mask without a mouth. Typically plays hapless victims, non
  • OX-004-6 – The Dignitary – The Dignitary wears a purple mask, carved with exaggeratedly puffed out cheeks.
  • OX-004-7 – The Seductress – The Seductress wears a ruby red mask, emblazoned with flower petals.
  • OX-004-8 – The Pontiff – The Pontiff wears a nondescript white mask, but to distinguish him from the Manservant is always seen wearing a hat.
  • OX-004-9 – The Solitaire – The Solitaire wears a jet black mask, one that almost seems stitched onto the wearer’s face. So far, the Solitaire has only ever been identified in the role of a force of Chaos.

The Masque of the Crimson Edge first came to the attention of the Ordo Xenos after appearing on the Hive World of +++++++++ on ++.++++.+++++, performing before a human crowd on +++++++++++ Street. The play staged was a production of a “speculative fiction” entitled The Rise of The Prime, and according to eyewitness reports was a minimalist production depicting the creation of a new form of Space Marine under direct command of Ultramarines Primarch Roboute Guilliman, as well as the moral and ethical dilemmas surrounding such an endeavour. At this point, only three members of the Crimson Edge were identified: the Laughing Man, the Warrior, and the Scholar. Shortly after the completion of the play, the Crimson Edge departed, with three persons from within the crowd reported missing from factory duties the following day.

They were next spotted on the world of ++++++++++, performing to a mixed crowd of various xenos. The production staged at this time was one entitled Agony Between, depicting a confrontation between opposed members of a xeno race identified by Ordo Xenos agents as T’au and Drukhari. It is at this point that the members the Maiden, the Seductress, and the Pontiff were identified. After the production, as per the previous production more members of the xeno crowd were identified as missing.

From that point onwards, the Masque of the Crimson Edge were spotted sporadically across various worlds. Each time they put on a different production, the Crimson Edge’s member count always fluctuating, although as identified earlier with a clear pattern in their depiction and usage.  Audience members will also almost always go missing at the end of the production, never to be heard from again. The only consistent member of the troupe is the Laughing Man, who is always depicted in a leading or narrative role.

There are, and will not be, active investigations into the movements of the Crimson Edge, as it is suspected that they do not utilize conventional warp travel and are therefore near impossible to detect before appearing. Agents who encounter the Masque of the Crimson Edge during the process of other investigations are required to witness and take record of the production they have witnessed, but to leave before the “curtain call” at the end of the production.

Provided here is a list of notable productions put on by the Masque of the Crimson Edge, which is to be updated as more are witnessed.

  • The Tale of the Mirror Unfettered
    • Notable Members: The Laughing Man, The Maiden, The Seductress, The Manservant, The Pontiff, The Warrior,  The Solitaire, The Scholar, The Dignitary
    • Plot Summary: An allegorical tale depicting a chosen maiden destined to save the Aledari race, with the aid of a bumbling group of human mercenaries.
    • Notes: This is notably the first production to have included a substantial number of “extras” playing additional roles as needed.
  • Betwixt and Between
    • Notable Members: The Seductress, the Maiden, the Pontiff, the Manservant
    • Plot Summary: A comedy of errors depicting members of a xenos race caught in a love triangle.
    • Notes: The first notable “comedy” to be put on by the Crimson Edge, but also caused a considerable stir within the crowd as a love triangle of a similar nature was unearthed during the runtime of the play.
  • Ghosts of the Battlefield
    • Notable Members: The Laughing Man, the Warrior, the Scholar, the Dignitary, the Manservant
    • Plot Summary: A depiction of one man’s journey to stay alive during a troubled battle.
    • Notes: N/A
  • The Fall of the Aeldari
    • Notable Members: The Laughing Man, the Maiden, the Warrior, the Solitaire
    • Plot Summary: A history, depicting the fall of the Aeldari and the creation of a being known as She Who Thirsts.
    • Notes: This has provided notable insight into the history of the Aeldari, and has been included in another record in full for the reference of other investigators.

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