OX-003 – Mimic

Subject: OX-003 – Mimic

Threat Level: Minoris

Description: OX-003 is a shapeshifting xenos fauna which in its true form resembles an amorphous, semi-translucent gel. Inquisitorial agents first encountered the creature whilst investigating rumors of other xenos fauna used in an illicit cyber-mastiff fighting ring based in ++++ +++++, the capital hive of ++++++. Agents described OX-003 being “poured” by it’s handlers into the ring out of a promethium barrel. In under thirty seconds OX-003 replicated the appearance of it’s cyber-mastiff opponent. Throughout the course of the match, OX-003 mirrored the cyber-mastiff in strength and ferocity but outmatched it in speed. Upon slaying its opponent, the creature’s mouth expanded and consumed the carcass whole.

The agents made arrangements with OX-003’s handler to “examine” the creature for a similar event they had organized as a part of their cover. They intended to confiscate the creature and take the handler into the custody of the Ordo. However, shortly after OX-003 devoured the cyber-mastiff, local Arbites forces raided the event space apprehending the event organizers and participants. The resulting commotion allowed for OX-003 to slip away unnoticed.

Based on the limited observation and brief interrogation of the creature’s handler, it is believed that OX-003 is capable of taking on the characteristics of any biological animal or biological-mechanical hybrid. This ability likely plays a similar evolutionary role to that of other ambush predators, though in a much more advanced form. The origin of OX-003 remains unknown. Considering the available evidence, the likelihood of locating OX-003 in an environment as large and labyrinthine as the underhive of ++++ +++++ is near impossible.

Inquisitorial agents on world have arranged for the replacement of the Arbites strike team and the officer who ordered the sting. The agents will investigate any future leads to OX-003’s whereabouts as they conduct their original assignment.

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  1. Carter Dark

    fascinating find. have you considered connections to other shape-shifters in the galaxy? The Slaugh come to mind…

    1. Inq. Zaddion Naungeon

      Indeed, any information you can share regarding the Slaugh or other similar beings would be greatly appreciated, Inquisitor Dark.

  2. Jorca Philing

    An interesting read, Inquisitor Naungeon. Perhaps you will run across this Mimic again, in which case I wish you the best of luck.
    I would be interested to hear more about the fate of the handler? Perhaps they have more information as to the origins of the Mimic so that we might better defend the Imperium.

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