Season I - Illicit Goods

The Story Thus Far...

Mission I: Halt the Manifesto

In the upper echelons of Imperial society, appetites are nigh insatiable. In this case, a group of epicureans has been purchasing an unknown alien biomatter from various black markets.

Through a series of investigations by Harvus Crastor, it was discovered that this illicit substance was made from the forebrain of the Szelari Dreamthief. Agents have been dispatched to uncover and apprehend the distributor's location.

The Canonized Entry:

By Harvus Crastor

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Mission II: Toxicus Vinum

The forebrain of a Szelari Dreamthief is a powerful mutagenic reagent. It is also a rare and exotic substance, which begs the question -- how did it arrive in the illicit market?

Travel to the pastoral region where it was infused into liquor and determine who (human or otherwise) was responsible for developing this concoction, and what motives they may have for circulating it through the black market.

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