Eradicators of Xenos Horrificus. Agents of the Ordo Xenos maintain a wary vigil on the myriad alien species that the Imperium comes into contact with. Whether through eradication or observation, the Ordo Xenos works to keep the alien threat at bay.

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The Ordo Xenos is tasked with ensuring that the minds, bodies, and souls of Imperial citizens are free of alien influence. While this task often involves the eradication of Xenos Horrificus, information is just as important. As such, agents of this Ordo often keep extensive documents on the aliens species that they encounter.

The Ordo Xenos is called upon to rebuff strange and weird threats to the Imperium, and are sometimes aided by the Deathwatch, a group of elite Adeptus Astartes. The Ordo Xenos may commandeer other organizations in order to seek out and destroy the threat of alien influence.

Inquisitor Melusine

Patron of the Ordo

It is a rare thing for an Inquisitor to be so well-known, but Melusine Kosavar has fostered a public reputation as an arrogant, sadistic, strategist.

She is a phantom within the sector - a dark fable mentioned in hushed tones from the highest lords to the lowest menials. Her persecution of Xenos races and weak-willed humans has been so single-minded, so fuelled by perfection, that speaking her name carries the superstition that she'll immediately appear. When she does, however, she does so with wrath and arrogant displays of her brilliance.

Melusine's history is a catacomb of half-truths and lies that are spread openly. What is certain is that she comes from a royal family with roots tied to extinct Terran bloodlines. A prodigious fighter and tactician, she was inducted into the Ordo Xenos as a child and swiftly outplayed senior members of the Conclave.

Common Threats


Orks. Tyranids. These creatures are biological weapons, and little more. Any semblance of intelligence or culture has been twisted by their ravenous behaviour and unending desire to kill or devour. They are not to be underestimated, however, as they can display acts of cunning in combat or infiltration - often acting in unexpected ways to destroy the Imperium's forces with acts of aggression, or infest its populace with degenerate gene-mutations.


Aeldari. Necron. These ancient Xenos empires, once star-spanning powers, now cling to the mistaken belief that they will one day reclaim the galaxy. They have staved off extinction through unmatched psychic powers and superior technology, and their threats to humankind typically play into long, convoluted plans. While it may be advantageous for them to sometimes align with the Imperium, one can not forget that these fleeting moments of peace are only to their benefit. Do not seek to comprehend their minds, only that they will kill or betray humanity.


T'au. Kroot. Hrud. The galaxy is full of upstart races and semi-sentient creatures that seek to gnaw away at the holdings of the Imperium. Far fewer in number than mankind these races undermine the Imperium's God-Emperor divine right to rule the stars by conducting hit-and-run tactics or recruiting allies from abandoned or conquered human worlds. Strange in appearance, some of these Xenos arm themselves with wild mutations or esoteric technology, seeking any advantage to tear down the Imperium from below.