A Winner is Chosen!


Daemons are creatures formed by the will of their patron Chaos Gods. Each has their own senses, thoughts, and personality — but all are drawn to human suffering like a moth to the flame.

In order to gain crucial intelligence, agents used the three ‘rescued’ individuals mentioned in Lord Inquisitor Vult’s communiqué and attempted a binding ritual.

Inq. Kuznetsova recounted the harrowing details of this ritual, which left its unfortunate participants either dead or psychically scarred.

Yet this ritual was not without at least some reward: the foul Warp-born had been searching for some unknown item which had been stolen from it. The Ordo has tracked this daemonic item to Xyloneth, Darius Mynx’s destination before he was taken by our agents.

Canonized Story

Inquisitor's Burden

By Valentina Kuznetsova

“I don’t need an exorcist,” the Echographer said. His voice was soft, and I struggled to hear him.

I could not close my eyes or turn away; I watched them struggle, heard the fetters and the rubber soles of custodial, as each of them realized.

Denial, pleas, and prayer followed as they were bound to tables around the centre of the room, their heads close together. None seemed pious but none were unfaithful either. It was the prayer that I struggled with…