• Time is short

    Time is short. Mission entries are writing challenges which must be completed according to a theme or prompt (as told through the environment, characters, or conflict).

  • Space is limited

    With only 1000 words, missions challenge Inquisitorial Agents with an economy of words. Only the most gripping records, devoid of errors, will be uploaded to the archives.

  • Scrap code detected

    In the grimdark future, there are often conflicting or contrary accounts of the same event. Mission submissions will be judged by your Lord Inquisitor and presented to your peers for 'sanctification' (and publication to push the narrative forward).

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Daemons are creatures formed by the will of their patron Chaos Gods. Each has their own senses, thoughts, and personality — but all are drawn to human suffering like a moth to the flame.

In order to gain crucial intelligence, use the three ‘rescued’ individuals mentioned in Lord Inquisitor Vult’s communiqué and attempt a binding ritual. Should the daemon appear, try to ascertain its patron, name, or motivations.

Which entry is most deserving of the Ordo Malleus' favor?Adherence to the prompt, content, potential for furthering the narrative - There are many reasons why a specific entry may be deserving of your vote

Inquisitor’s Burden

“I am an exorcist.” That much was easy to say, that was why, I think, my superiors in the Ordos had asked me to preside over the invocation. “I don’t need an exorcist,” the Echographer said. His voice was soft, and...

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The Witness

It was the sound of the blood pounding through his body, the whispering shrieks clawing at his throat. It was the roar of the wind hurling itself at the ruins outside, and the chittering of insects burrowing through the earth. Laughter....

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