Humanity’s bulwark against the vile denizens of the Warp. These Inquisitorial agents safeguard the Imperium by rooting out daemonic incursions across the segmentums. As the Emperor before them, agents of the Ordo Malleus are anathema to daemon and sorcerer alike.

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Often called Order of the Hammer, the Ordo Malleus are sworn to defend the very soul of mankind. These Inquisitorial agents counter the insidious threat of Chaos by investigating corruption, eliminating daemonic threats, and censoring knowledge of infernal influences. Only the Emperor is beyond corruption.

Inquisitor Colias Vult

Patron of the Ordo

While he appears considerate and well-mannered, Colias Vult is a manipulative individual at heart.

Vult uses his psychic gift to to obscure his appearance and has demonstrated an ability to telepathically erase himself from the minds of others. The limits of his hypnotic abilities are not fully documented, but it is suspected that he could use his powers to influence others and potentially dominate others on a whim.

Little is known about Vult's background, short of a few obscure references to a tense royal family upbringing. These stories could also be fabrications meant to disarm targets and obscure his history and motivations.

Common Threats


When manifested in the material world, the Neverborn bring with them the malevolence and idiosyncratic behaviours of their deific patron. Born of the raw psychic energy native to the Empyrean, they require a focal point to transfer themselves to reality. This can occur through their manipulations - tricking or seducing mortals into summoning them - or through brute force incursions where the boundaries between reality and the warp are weak.


When one battles with monsters, the cost can weigh heavily on the psyche or soul. Through the degradation of their will, some Inquisitors seek shortcuts to victory and attempt to use the power of Chaos against itself. These Radicals represent a tremendous threat, for their knowledge and sway over the Imperium's holdings gives them the power to undo His Holy Emperor's great works. It is not uncommon for Inquisitors to war on each other over ideals or approaches, fearing the other has turned to Chaos.


The daemonic threat to the Imperium doesn't end when a manifested Neverborn is slain. Instead, its essence returns to the Empyrean where it is nurtured in a sea of raw energy, passion, and emotion. To stop a daemonic incursion, Inquisitors may seek to entrap the vile beasts in a human host or object, preventing it from returning to its home where it will regenerate and return once again to haunt humankind.