Season 1 - The Secessionist

The Story Thus Far...

Mission I: Halt the Manifesto

The False Shepherd reveals itself once again. Secessionist author Roderik Negalion has begun spreading heretical texts throughout various Imperial worlds.

Loxley Steele uncovered an insidious truth about Negalion's next target: the ancient ties between the ruling family of the war-torn Halit region and the traitorous Primarch Lorgar Aurelion.

The Canonized Entry:

By Loxley Steele

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Mission II: Sins of the Family

The secessionist Rober Negalion has discovered that the Karstain family, planetary governors of the Halit region, were first granted lordship of the planet by the traitor Primarch Lorgar Aurelion (before his fall from grace). This legacy now calls into question the authority of the Adeptus Terra.

Head to the forbidden region of Halit and attempt to piece together the history of the Karstains and the traitor Primarch.

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