Season I - Mission II: Sins of the Family
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  • Time is short

    Time is short. Mission entries are writing challenges which must be completed according to a theme or prompt (as told through the environment, characters, or conflict).

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    With only 1000 words, missions challenge Inquisitorial Agents with an economy of words. Only the most gripping records, devoid of errors, will be uploaded to the archives.

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    In the grimdark future, there are often conflicting or contrary accounts of the same event. Mission submissions will be judged by your Lord Inquisitor and presented to your peers for 'sanctification' (and publication to push the narrative forward).


The secessionist Robert Negalion has discovered that the Karstain family, planetary governors of the Halit region, were first granted lordship of the planet by the traitor Primarch Lorgar Aurelion (before his fall from grace). This legacy now calls into question the authority of the Adeptus Terra.

Head to the forbidden region of Halit and attempt to piece together the history of the Karstains and the traitor Primarch.

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