The bane of traitors, witches, mutants, rogue psykers, and apostates. These Inquisitorial agents ensure doctrinal and physical purity by stamping out selfishness, persecuting renegades, and culling free-thinkers and disbelievers.

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The Ordo Hereticus is often called upon to monitor internal threat to the Imperium. Sometimes aided by the Adepta Sororitas, the Ordo Hereticus is also called to monitor other Imperial organizations including the Adeptus Arbites, the Adeptus Astartes, and even other Ordos of the Inquisition. Only the Emperor is beyond their jurisdiction.

Inquisitor Onzedius Aspar

Patron of the Ordo

A lifetime of hardships have made Onzedius Aspar a rough and uncompromising man.

He has personally fought psykers and mutants, heretics and traitors. He has sentenced hundreds of thousands to die during his decades-long service with the Inquisition. This life has made him unconcerned with the lives of individuals, and he looks upon events with a distanced eye. To Onzeidus, everything is about "the bigger picture" and his thoughts lean towards systems and sectors rather than peoples or factions.

Onzedius’ history is sealed by Imperial decree, but some details have been uncovered about his past - including a former vocation as a puritanical leader in the Ecclesiarchy,

Common Threats


Rogue and unlicensed psykers present a grave threat to the myriad worlds of the Imperium. Should they master their gifts, psykers can manifest incredible powers including mind control, kinetic blasts, and some can even shape reality to their whim. An untrained or undisciplined psychic mind is extremely susceptible to daemonic possession, their souls shining within the Immaterium like a beacon for the denizens of the Warp.


Mutants make up the numberless humans across the galaxy who have physical deformities beyond the accepted ‘pure’ human shape. Whether caused by environmental conditions or exposure to the warping forces of Chaos, to bear a mutation is deemed as a heretical act against the God-Emperor of Mankind by Imperial authorities. Mutants are shunned and driven from society, but in search of acceptance, many join cults dedicated to the Dark Gods where their mutations mark them out as favoured in the eyes of their deities.


Turning from the Emperor's holy light is, regrettably, an extremely common occurrence. Whether for political or unholy reasons, these individuals are freed from the dogma and duties of the Imperium and indulge in their passions (or super-human gifts in the rare case of Heretic Astartes). Their acts of banditry and wanton destruction make them dangerous enemies, and should they be allowed to execute their agenda there is a fear that all wayward souls will inevitably turn to the forces of Chaos.