OM-029 – Plague of St. Clare

Subject: OM-029 – Plague of St. Clare

Threat Level: Majoris


The plague of St. Clare was first identified in 391.M40 on Sigma VI in the ++++++ system in the Segmentum south-east.

Within the St. Clare Adeptus Sororitas Order was patient zero discovered, although that took several months of investigation myself and my squad of investigators and irregulars.

The first report of something being wrong was a sudden sickness within the latest intake of the order, and it was though that the Schola Promethium had been lax in their care of their charges.

6 weeks later I was on planet investigating another issues for Inquisitor ++++++ when I first saw an afflicted, they charged my convoy signal handed, they were a simple farm hard armed with a scythe, my squad fired 27 las bolts on target and still he ran on, the assailant got within 2 metres of my and finally succumbed to his wounds, we burnt the remains and then left to cleanse his abode.

Upon investigation of the abode prior to full cleansing we found that he was actually the grounds keeper of the St. Clare’s shrine, we contacted the local PDF and Arbites and asked for assistance and clearance procedures were enacted to the building in a 1 mile square area.

After briefing the PDF Command, and taking control of the situation within Sigma, I contacted the St. Clare shrine and using Lord Inquisitor ++++++ credentials I was able to second them to help contain the southern city, I jumped onboard a waiting valkyrie, when we got within range of the shrine we were met by anti-air fire and took serious damage to the aircraft, and we crashed in the landing field, we decamped the aircraft and came under immediate fire, from what can only be described as a platoon of diseased sisters, screaming hatred and praise to the grandfather.

Thankfully after years of service to Lord Inquisitor +++++ I too kept Pariah operatives within my retinue and once the sisters came within their influence they stopped dead as if slapped and their various ailments vanished, and weapons were dropped.

The sisters explained things started to happen once they had returned from Perendein XI, their Sister Absoilute was sick and they tended to her on the long journey, that was the last they remembered. With this information I exercised them of any burden of wrong doing and called on my Ship to target the shrine and retrieve us from Sigma.

I recommend that Sigma be quarantined and exterminatus be enacted, nothing will be lost to the imperium as this was a dying world anyway, especially now as Hive Fleet Kraken has taken surrounding system, anything that deprives that monster the better.

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