OM-028 – Wreckage

Subject: OM-028 – Wreckage

Threat Level: Extremis

Description: OM-028 is the designation given to the space-hulk “Sin of Logic”, which was first encountered by Imperial forces in M38.214. It is of particular interest to the Ordo due to being exclusively made up of human vessels confirmed to date back to the time of +++ +++++ +++++++.

Current records indicate no manned expeditions have succeeded in reaching the hulk, due to its +++++++++++ as a ++++++++++, though discussions are on-going regarding that classification. Numerous sigils and markings discernable on the visible hulls indicate that the vessels were once utilised by the ++++ ++++++ ++++++++, though if any of the original crew persist has been undetermined.

The core of the space-hulk has been visually confirmed as being the ++++++++-class ship “The Truth of Logic”, mention of which exists in the archives of the +++++++++++++ ++++++ on Holy Terra. Unfortunately, associated records do not list crew complements nor cargo, though due to the passage of time since the original penning of the documentation and the most recent encounter, such information would be hopelessly out-of-date at best, and intentionally misleading at worst.

Numerous theories revolve around OM-028, but due to lack of insufficient evidence, none have been put down in this record to avoid confusing what is known for certain with inaccuracies. Though OM-028 is not located within Imperial space at the current time, its existence alone is a threat to any civilised system. Unfortunately, since initial contact, sightings of OM-028 have been rare, and as such any force of sufficient capability of neutralising it has been unable to respond in time before it slips back into the Immaterium.

Investigations regarding the matter are ongoing.

Addendum Alpha: Clearance Level Viridian Required

Recently, OM-028 was divined to arrive in the +++++++ ++++++ between M4+.+++ and M4+.+++. In response, the 6th Brotherhood of the Chamber Militant of the Ordo Malleus mobilised one (1) strike cruiser to intercept and begin survey missions of OM-028’s interior. Assigned to this duty were two (2) squads of the Brotherhood’s terminator-certified members, organised into two units (“Solomon” and “Ptolemy”), as well as twenty (20) brothers to act as support. A representative of the Ordo, Inquisitor Micah, has been attached to the deployment under orders of the ++++ +++++++ of the Segmentum Solar to act as a channel of communication.  Reports regarding the initial exploratory missions are to be filed under the OM-028-1 designation.

OM-028-1 Reports: Pending…


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  1. Archivist Cos

    Intriguing! Would love to hear more about this one, especially the investigations. Would make for a great ttrpg setting as well.

    1. Acolyte Hyde

      Going to fill them in slowly, going to go for the MTF-style AAR reports. Hope that satisfies your curiosity, though remember, questions invariably lead to damnation…

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