OM-027 – Melancholics

Subject: OM-027 – Melancholics

Threat Level: Majoris

Description: Rather than a singular entity, this is a classification of Chaotic corruption with +++ manifestations or suspected manifestations logged.

OM-027 appear different depending on what stage they are in. In the first stages of corruption, they appear simply as unmoving emaciated humans whose bodily secretions, if stimulated, are unusually dark. It is advised to execute them in this stage before they become dangerous. Within + weeks, bedsores will begin to spread over the body, which will usually begin to decay soon after this. As this stage progresses, an instance of OM-027 will begin to secrete a thick black bile from their eyes and ulcers. A fully realized OM-027 occurs when the entire body is covered in this substance. This will begin to spread throughout the archive at a rate of +++++/day, and will continue to spread as long as OM-027 is alive. The bile is a dangerous substance and touching it with bare skin has risks of infection with ++++++++, ++++++++++, ++++++, +++++++++++++++++, and many others.

Were it not for the overt influence of the hand of Chaos, this would be classified as OH, for the reason for these creatures’ births is the frailty and treachery of humans. OM-027 infection occurs with adepts and archivists exposed to a dangerous amount of information who lack fortitude and faith and fall into hopelessness at what they learn. The beginnings of the corruption are fatigue and a depressed appetite, with the infected’s energy to do their duty to the Imperium vanishing.

In the final stages of corruption, OM-027 cases are capable of daemonic witchcraft. Unchecked, a OM-027 manifestation can devastate a city. Early destruction is key and advised.

It is my judgement that the staff of the Archives be carefully monitored, particularly those showing fatigue or sluggishness. Any hints of corruption should be struck out without mercy before they worsen. Stay ever vigilant.

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  1. Archivist Cos

    Good Stuff! Very well done 🙂 We thought the sluggishness was the lack of recaf available, but this is much more ominous.

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