OM-025 – The Knives of Tallera

Subject: OM-025 – The Knives of Tallera

Threat Level: Minoris


The Knives of Tallera are a set of occult talismans, believed to commune with a daemon of growing power, and may have been used in the creation of this daemon. These items are used by heretics in daemonic rituals, and they should be secured and destroyed where possible.

Physical Description & Artefact Identification

The Knives of Tallera are malefic artefacts of human manufacture, each consists of a dagger or knife of similar design, they are principally weapons rather than utensils, as can be told by their construction including a notable guard around the hilt and a pommel that flares widely, the blade is more of a stabbing weapon than a cutting blade, though all examples found have been comparatively dull in its edge and usually worn from handling and use on the edges, however, they are well-presented items, with broad flat facings and no fuller, instead, they are inscribed on the blade with occult runic texts.

The knives are ferrous with a construction principally of steel, and a blue sheen to the surface, their material construction indicates a high degree of metallurgical skill but hand techniques which suggests that the original creators were working with access to a sophisticated infrastructure, but did not wish to have the base design for the blades used.

Most examples retain traces of human blood in dried form. After a request to the Magos Biologis of Edus Beta to examine the residues scraped from the inset runic characters of the third Tallera Knife discovered, the presence of fragments of blood indicates the surface contains traces of genetic material from between eight and thirteen hundred unique individuals. Planetary dating is an inexact science but carbon residue within these samples suggests with a high degree of confidence that the human blood traces on the blade date to around 300-400.m41 (old-reckoning) on the planet of Vizel’s Spire, based on the assumption that the victims were residents of an imperial world within the Pandora sector where all three known knives have been found; if knives are found with provenance further afield this evidence is invalidated. The Magi of Edus Beta were sent metallurgical samples from both knives held and have confirmed that they do not believe either have been exposed to imperial stasis fields long term prior to Ordos custody.

Results from the second Tallera Knife were less conclusive, though again residue of more than five hundred persons was found on this knife, radiocarbon dating has not revealed a single planetary background-origin for the biological matter used, suggesting likely use aboard a void ship or hive city, where inhabitants consumed food originally from several different agri-worlds (likely recycled several times).

Arbites and local Magistratum archives on Vizel’s Spire have confirmed several occult disturbances within this time period but the most likely appears to be the Marghest Massacre on Tallera, which used an intra-conglomerate industrial dispute as cover for a substantial series of hab-block killings, which suggests that the Knives must have been used there at this time. Records of the Marghest Massacre have been included in the Athenaeum for further investigation.

The presence of blood residues and no significant later deposits suggest that the blades have been retained in their exacting condition, and their status suggests that provisions have been made to keep them in the state they were as first used. The overall good condition of all examples suggests that they have been retained in the continuous ownership of persons aware of their provenance and metaphysical capabilities, suggesting that chance encounters with these artefacts are unlikely.

Live capture of an owner involved in heretical activities could be valuable in establishing the chain of custody of these items and determining where others might be found.

Spiritual Description & Contamination Potential

Metaphysically these items have been confirmed by Astropath Prime Loten Keal of the Holy Ordos as having a substantial psychic imprint and would be classified as proscribed items based on the potency of this even without their other effects.

The use of these items is speculative, but it seems likely that they act as a locus for sorcery or daemonic pacts, to date no actual user has been put to the Question but an except from the debrief of one witness is enclosed here.

Transcript: Testimony of Wendela Bergin

Interviewer: Confessor Erasmus Noten, Throne-Agent of the Holy Ordos

Interviewee: Wendela Bergin, Labourer Third Class

Foreword: Mamzel Bergin was rescued from the Disciples of the Manyfaced God cult, subsequent to this interview she was inducted into the service of the Holy Ordos as part of the crew of the Corvette Ius Indespectus to allow for long term monitoring.

Begin Log [12.420 post TCM.M41, Gun Cutter Santissima, Valesport Station]

Noten: Can you tell me more about the knife, Wendela?

Bergin: Right, the knife, the leader took it out of a box on his table, from where they had me. I thought he would stab me with it, but he didn’t, he walked around, hunched down, scratching at the ground with it, then put it up above my head.

Noten: Did he cut himself with it?

Bergin: No. He just used it on the ground, then went back to reading from his book on the other table. The others were chanting too, then. Have you got any more Tanna?

Noten: Yes, we can have more, before we go further, the circle, were the cultists inside it, or just you?

Bergin: Everyone was, he went around the edge of the room.

This usage likely indicates the blade is used to create a ‘sacred’ or ritual space. It was through this tendency that the Knives of Tallera, achieve their chief threat to the Imperium, as the areas rendered profane by the knives’ ritual use have been found to be dangerous sites of warp ingress for many years afterwards.

Despite this profane usage, the items appear comparatively benign to mundane handling and use, with no observed tendencies to induce behavioral changes or active psychic influence on those who handle them or examine them at a cursory level though this in some ways exacerbates their danger as ritual tools for while it does allow them to be handled easily by ordos agents this also ensures they are likely to be in regular use by arcanists. It is likely some degree of bond can be formed with a knife by reading and incantation of the texts inscribed upon it, but this has not been attempted by Ordos agents and should not be as this will likely draw the attention of their patron entity.

Speculative Function

The use of the blades in ritual mass murder suggests that their original usage was not the same as their present usage by chaos magi, and it is likely their saturation with warp energy from their original usage makes them convenient to magi.

It is likely that current users are unaware in many cases of their provenance. More concerning, the inscriptions partially translated by Ordos analysts suggest the blades were originally intended to be used in a rite of daemonic ascension, conforming to several passages excerpted from the Reshic Manuscript, which entail a purported means for a number of occultists to carry out a ritual to merge their souls into a gestalt warp entity with characteristics similar to the Daemon Princes more commonly documented.

If this is the case, the ritual usage of these artefacts is likely intended to form pacts or bonds with the entity created by their original use, empowering the entity in exchange for boons. It is likely such a pact is initially entreated using the text on the blade.

Present Disposition

Present disposition of known knives is as follows:

  1. Destroyed by melta weapon during conflict with the Sons of the New Dawn cult – identified from pict-capter.
  2. Ordos Repository Vessel Deep Hold.
  3. Entered into the Athenaeum Reliquary with this report.


Acolytes who come into contact with the Knives of Tallera are recommended to retain them securely for examination, though they are not particularly durable and if urgency commends that they are destroyed without further analysis this is acceptable.

No Acolyte should attempt to read or incant the text inscribed on these Artefacts.

Any area they are known to have been used should be subject to Ordos Vigil.

Active users of these artefacts should be put to the Question where possible in the hope of identifying larger patterns of their use and removing them from circulation.

Other artefacts from this grouping may already be in Ordos custody, if so, these should be appended to this report and any pertinent information attached.

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