OM-024 – Dolum Dust

Subject: OM-024 – Dolum Dust

Threat Level: Majoris


Dolum Dust is the colloquial term used to describe a silver tinted powdered material utilized as an illicit hallucinogen. It is also known as Dust, Soil, Spread, and Space Spice.

Analysis of the material reveal it’s components be a conclusive match to samples of former world, Dolumar IV.

Dolum Dust is believed to be recovered material ejected into space from the Ultima Segementum after the Exterminatus Event in ++++++++.

It has been reported that users experience an intense vision of a thriving industrial world, glittering with wealth, joy, pride, and satisfaction.

The users report that at it’s peak, they are shown visions of a small man in a cage begging to be set free. Should the user elect, in their hallucinating state, to free the man, their euphoria increases.

Conversely, should the user elect to ignore the pleas for help, the euphoric sensation ends, followed by tormenting visions of destruction, death, pain. This correlates to physical manifestations of wounds and injuries sustained in their visions.

The user is compelled to share this vision and thus spread the addiction to friends, cohorts, associates, and family.

Citizens suffering from withdrawal often succumb to their ailments. However, should they utilize en masse, the euphoric sensations are increased exponentially.


Productivity in Hive Tetra Umbra on planet +++++++, Ultima Segementum, dropped to an all-time low. Ministorum agents noted the decrease and directed Arbites to investigate.

When protests broke out citing working conditions and demands to free the man in the cage, the organized protest turned into a violent skirmish. Adeptus Arbites were repelled after sustaining heavy losses.

The protests then spread to neighboring Hive Samuvault.

Arbites intercepted a drug runner with several kilos of the powder attempting to cross from Hive Tetra Umbra into Hive Samuvault.

Interrogation transcript:

Interviewer: Arbitrator Folsom

Interviewee: Jolldrun ‘Skum Skellah’

<Subject Jolldrun, AKA Skum Skellah, remanded into custody sits chained to a table. The chair has been removed. Pre-interview techniques such as stress positions have been used to ‘soften’ the interviewee.>

AF: Please state your name for the record.

SJ: Ahm de wan dey call Skom Skellah.

AF: Sure. Are you ++++++ Jolldrun?

SJ: De same.

AF: Thank you. Let’s work on this. Let me see… You’ve been detained with an unknown substance and some of the Glad juice. You are going to do some time for the glad. That’s out of my hands. What about the dust? Synthetic Painkiller?

SJ: Ahm noah sayin a thing. Youse noffin to hold me kon..

AF: Sure. Sure. So we still have the Glad. Right? I’m not asking you to give anyone up. I just want to know what this is. Can you help me with this? I’d like to help you.

SJ: Whatca gwin do fee ma?

AF: Ah. Yes. I can ensure you don’t face a firing squad for undeclared income on the Glad sales, thus catching not only a drug charge, but also tithe evasion. You know how those Ministorum boys are.

SJ: Mehn! Hardrun on des wan. Right. Youse kin knowet. Iss da Dula Dust. Ye hearn no?

AF: Thanks! No, I haven’t heard of it.

SJ: Iss da Space Dust. Dula- Ye hearn. Dulamar?

AF: Dulamar? The exterminated world?

SJ: Ahm no knowet. But ets spensive.

AF: Huh. Let me check something.

<Interview ends. Data redacted at this point.>

As the Subject’s associates were detained, interrogated, and summarily executed, it was revealed that an off- world vessel identified as Valor Dex, registered to a known Heretic Alivor Vense was responsible for importing the substance. It was anchored at high orbit.

It was during this period of three days that the unrest amoungst the Hives grew to a point of Hive wide riots. Production halted, gangers, looters and rioters took the streets. The total loss of life and revenue is estimated to be 40 percent of the Global Domestic Product.

The epidemic spread as rumors of legions of Dusters/ Dolum Dust users liberating Arbites Stations Armouries and marching under Chaos Runed banners, began to be confirmed by Imperial Guard Regiment ++++++++++, 56th Rifles, who were deployed to contain the revolt.

Confirmed reports of Daemon Hosts and Daemonic Rituals summoning forth Warp entities ensued after the initial assault on the Governor’s Palace.

The Imperial Guard ++++++++++ and the Adeptus Astartes Chapter +++++++ deployed to the field to support PDF units as orbital bombardment mission began.

Following a three month war, total victory was seized by the Imperial forces.

The Ordos Malleus is currently attempting to locate the Valor Dex, and it’s captain Alivor Vense: last seen departing the region as Imperial Guard units and Space Marine forces started planet fall.

Be advised: Target is armed, dangerous, and in possession of contraband that may be the singular source of the +++++++ Revolt.

Target is wanted alive for enhanced interrogation.

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