OM-023 – 13th Canticle

Subject: OM-023 – 13th Canticle

Threat Level: Minima


The object is a 10 inch by 6 inch grox leather bound tome. Inscribed in golden ink is the title: Liturgy of St. Aerin’s Suffering. This object is indistinguishable from the standard issue Devotional utilized by the Adepta Sororitas in their daily devotions.

The contents are exact matches from other copies collected from the Convent of the +++++++.

However, the 13th Canticle, titled: Our Suffering is a Joyous Noise, has been reported to be changed on random occasions, replaced with titles such as:

  • Our Suffering is For Naught
  • Our Noise is Joyous Blood
  • Be Not Afraid, I am With You.

Upon oration of the 13th Canticle, participants are unaware of the title change, or changes in the chant itself.

It has been observed that during this recitation of the newly changed Canticle, the Daemon Samealdus is referenced in someway.

It has also been substantiated that an entity herein described as Entity Beta can be observed circling the periphery of the Mass during this recitation.

Entity Beta can be described as a long shade 6-8 foot in height, appearing incorporeal and flickering when observed.

Appearance of Entity Beta is always followed by the abduction of one of the congregation. Participants of the Mass remain unaware of the missing congregate, and will not be able to recall the missing person’s whereabouts during the last day.


The Thirteenth Canticle was brought to the attention of the Ordos Malleus when Agents of the Ordos Hereticus requested for assistance from any nearby Inquisitorial Agents.

The report forwarded to the Ordos Malleus agents Inquisitor +++++ and Interrogator +++++++, stated that the Adeptus Ministorum on Planet ++++++++++, Convent ++++ had been missing six members of their congregation in the span of two months. No leads were reported, however, Ordos Hereticus Inquisitor +++++ had sensed the presence of unnatural malevolence.

The call for aid was received when the Inquisitor ++++++++ determined Entity Beta to be a Daemon.


When the missive was received, the Grey Knights, Purifier Team Antares 61, were dispatched to the site.

All members of the Convent were detained, subjected to testing, and confessionals provided to determine the origins of the anomalous 13th Canticle.

It is unknown at this time where and what state the abductees are in.

All Liturgies were secured and transported off world for further study.

These items are contained in Unit 78, and are only to be removed from their cases to be studied at a later date.


Servo Skull DX-441081b Data Log last Entry Recovered:

((++/^]- Inclusion Check, online…..

Status-Back up state….resolved.

State check…


Within Normal Limits.

Oration Detected…run check.

Voice recognition return.

Adepta Sororitas-Sister ++++++++.

Recognized action: Speech.

Dim lights… complete.

Lower hover and ambient system….complete.

Begin recitation of recognized Canticle.

Reference Database….complete.

Canticle 12. Liturgy of St. Aerin’s Suffering>>>get….


Begin Canticle 1$-(error).

Status-Back up (*#&;;;;!) Error.

Threat detected!

Begin auto–++))/// Error. Script corrupted.

Thread process ended.

Threat detected!

Begin auto–++)))/// Error. Script corrupted.


State Check…

Presence identified. Reference check.



Error! Standard Time not in sync with data server. Attempting to sync…

Error, not connected to Inclusion network. Checking additional connection.

No networks found.

Enter Vouch Safe Black box Mode (yes)

Complete. Data preserved.

Include audio data (yes).

Error #$$!@—–##2)

Include sensory data (yes).

Data preserved. Report>>get

Complete and display

Time: Error, Out of Sync.

Location: Unknown.

Power: 88 percent. 207 years of power remaining.

Inquisitorial Beacon: Active and latent pinging.

Visual: Black field, Adepta Sororitas-Sister ++++++ identified. Vitals, detected. Faint.

BP: 42/20 Temp: 101 F. Resp: 1. BPM: 5. Brainwave and QT: active.

Monitoring for further changes.

Elapsed time: 146 hours 22 mins 23 sec.

Warning: subject no longer detected.

Stand by.

Presence detected: Credentials override: GK Captain Lucius ++++++ of the Grey Knights. Begin unlock mode. Data recovered.

—–End Log. Nothing Follows.

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