OM-022 – Judacus Silver

Subject: OM-022 – Judacus Silver

Threat Level: Minoris


Judacus Silver are coins one inch in diameter, one eighth inch thick, currency of an unknown minting. Five coins in total have been recovered.

Metallurgical analysis indicates alloys of copper, iron, lead, and silver in varying purity. It is determined that these metals match metals found in matching composite to the lost Forge World +++++++.

The face of the coin bears a rune of design identified as Chaos Warp Magicks. The reverse side of the coin is an embossed altar.

It is noted that the coins are Warp reactive and possess a property of taint linking this item to a Daemonic entity that was identified as Judacus. This has been substantiated by the sanctioned psyker auto-seance recording provided by Interrogator +++++. See attached data-slate.


The Judacus Coins were brought to the attention of the Ordos Malleus when communiques between Adeptus Ministorum and Commissar Veryk Marin of the 12th ++++++++ Light Infantry, were flagged. The Adeptus Ministorum had identified a statistical anomaly regarding casualty rates of enlisted soldiers versus officers.

Inquisitor +++++++ of the Ordos Malleus responded to the deployment and began surveillance of the unit.

It was discovered that a cabal of guardsmen would toss the coins to generate a result.

Five guardsmen threw the coins resulting in three Runes and two Altars.

Of the five result two soldier were immediately killed in what appeared to be non-anomalous events, during the ensuing combat. Wherein the dead guardsmen’s coins were redistributed amongst the enlisted guardsmen.

Three officers were killed in what appeared to be an erroneous discharge of a munitions stock pile close to the command bivouac.

Three Guardsmen survived the battle.

Several times this was repeated prior to the unit engaging in combat missions. Every time, those who had thrown the Rune were left alive, the equivalent amount of officers died, and the ones who had thrown the Altar were killed in someway.

At that time Interrogator +++++ substantiated the connection to the entity Judacus.

Judacus was observed intervening and keeping those who had thrown safely, out of harm’s way.

At that time, Inquisitor +++++++ and Interrogator +++++ broke surveillance, intercepted the coins, executed the Guardsmen, and interrogated the commissar.

Confessions and reports verifies that the coins had in fact come from Forge World+++++, as the 12th +++++ Light Infantry had been posted there recently during the Campaign ++++++++++++.


It is determined that Judacus was a minor daemon who was given provisional oversight of the Lost Foundry World.

It is determined that the coins will keep the bearer safe, so long as they throw the Rune.

Should the attempts be successful and the officers attached to the chain of command for the bearers would die instead.

It is determined that the coins interact with and are influenced by the minor daemon Judacus.

All recovered coins have been destroyed, though it is uncertain if there are more.

Transcript – Sanctioned psyker auto-seance with completed data-slate: 

Upon initial probe, latent traces of Warp Energy were detected.

The coins spiked in activity as the psyker reached out.

Judacus was reported to have been present and intangible during the screening.

It is determined that this object is Daemonic in nature and thus it is the recommendation of Interrogator +++++ to destroy the coins immediately.

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