OM-021 – Empty Mask

Subject: OM-021

Threat Level: Majoris


OM-021 was seized during a pacification operation on the world of ++++++++, acquired from the remains of an insurrectionist ringleader following apparent self-termination. The subject is to remain in quarantine indefinitely pending research into a reliable means of destruction. 

OM-021 appears to be a fully covering, empty featured white face mask, fashioned from an unknown material reminiscent of ivory in both texture and appearance, yet so far has remained impervious to all attempts of destruction. No visor can be seen on either side of the mask while the subject is not being worn, yet experiments show the subject is fully capable of perceiving his surroundings, as if completely unobstructed. It is still unknown how this has been achieved.

OM-021’s anomalous properties manifest themselves in causing those caught in the gaze of the wearer, even in their immediate vicinity {roughly 20-30 meters effective range}, to undergo a drastic behavior change. Affected subjects will suffer from extreme, uncontrollable rage and aggression, accompanied by an apparent loss of higher intelligence and reasoning. Those affected are thus compelled to seek out and attack all unaffected individuals within reach. Affected subjects show zero regards for their own safety at these times, willingly charging into a firing line without hesitation, more often than not resulting in their death. This has been shown to have a very damaging effect on the morale of unaffected victims.

Physiological characteristics range from continuous spasming in the extremities, as well as hemorrhages in the capillaries leading to bleeding from the orifices, particularly the nose and eyes. 

It should be noted that affected subjects appear to be repulsed from the wearer of the mask as if compelled away by some invisible field. Evaluation pending.

Per OM-021’s incredible destructive capacity, it has been classified as Threat Level Majoris. Experiments remain ongoing. Subject’s current location has been expunged from archives in light of a potential security leak.

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