OM-020 – Blessings

Subject: OM-020 – Blessings

Threat Level:  Majoris


OM-020 is the designation given to the virus weapon currently contained on the planet of +++++++, in the hive city of ++++++++.  Standard procedures for biohazards have been implemented, and a perimeter has been constructed around the exclusion zone to prevent a breach of containment from beings infected with OM-020.  Due to the nature of the virus, containment procedures are limited to preventing anything infected from breaching the quarantined area.  Any who are infected are to be immediately terminated, regardless of rank or importance to the Inquisition or the Imperium.  Currently, there is no cure for the virus, but research is ongoing.  There does not seem to be a way to stop or even slow the infection once it has taken hold.  OM-020 is a virus weapon of unknown composition, but unlike others, it does not kill those infected by it immediately.  Instead, the infection takes around one standard month to cause death.  The infected individual takes on an appearance similar to victims of the poxwalker virus, or the zombie plague.

OM-020 was discovered after the Sons of Iron began their third campaign into the +++++++ system.  Imperial forces fought them back, but not before the Sons of Iron deployed a number of virus-weapons containing OM-020.  The weapons landed within the hive city of ++++++++, and released their contents, which quickly infected the populace.  Inquisitorial forces arrived soon after reports of the virus infecting the populace were received from a transmission station within the city.

Exploration Log:

Opening Statement:  After a number of months, the lead Inquisitor decided to send unit S28-E56 (a servitor with a mounted recording device) into the city to explore it.  S28-E56 was also covered in biohazard-protective gear to prevent infection.



Unit enters the containment zone, and continues forward into the city.  Upon reaching the closest building, it enters.  Inside are three infected individuals.  They are mostly immobile, but one is slowly shambling around within the first room.  It bumps into S28-E56 as it exits the building, but ignores it.  S28-E56 continues through the building, and, after taking a sample of biomatter from an immobile infected individual, it is ordered to leave and further explore the city.  S28-E56 continues through the city, observing numerous infected individuals in varying degrees of infection.  Additionally, the infected individuals appear to completely ignore S28-E56.  After nearly an hour of collecting samples from various sites around the city, the total observed infected individuals number 3,068.  S28-E56 is instructed to move towards the center of the city, to obtain a sample from the areas there.  Total infected individuals observed increase to 3,852 after S28-E56 begins moving towards the center of the city, and continue to increase as S28-E56 continues through the city.  As the areas around S28-E56 are compared to information about the city’s layout, it seems that S28-E56 is close to the residence of the official who governed the city.  A crater about 10 meters in diameter comes into view as S28-E56 nears the entrance of what was the governing official’s residence.  After receiving the order to proceed, S28-E56 approaches the crater.  A metallic cylinder, about a meter in diameter, sits in the center of the crater, the front part of it embedded into the ground.  Analysis of the pict shows the cylinder to be a shell that likely contained OM-020, and released it into the hive city.  Something is scratched into the metal of the shell, which analysts are unable to view from the current position of S28-E56’s recorder, and the recorder is ordered to zoom in on the marks.

The recorder zooms in on the marks as commanded.  Inscribed into the shell is written the barely legible phrase, “The Blessings have come, and they bring release.”  As S28-E56 continues towards the shell, it appears to be infected with OM-020, despite the coverings it wears to prevent such an event.  Many infected individuals enter the recorder’s field of view, coming closer to S28-E56 every step.  S28-E56 stops responding to commands, likely due to the corruption of its organic components.  The recorder is obscured by the infected individuals’ bodies, and contact is suddenly lost.  Contact was reestablished after 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds.  This was not done by action of Inquisitorial forces, but instead appears to be by the actions of S28-E56 itself.  The recorder is active, and displays what appears to be a performance hall, with the recorder close to the front of the seating area.  However, where the stage would be is nothing but a crater, with a shell at the center.  Barely visible on the shell are the words “Acceptance is the only painless path when death arrives”.  The recorder feed then shuts off again as contact is lost, only to be reestablished 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds later.  S28-E56’s recorder is now looking down at a third crater, this one in what appears to be a church.  A hole in the roof allows light to illuminate the crater.  A third shell sits in the crater, the inscription reading, “The blight of ignorance has been lifted from you”.  Once again, the recorder shuts off.  Contact is once again reestablished after 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds.  Now the recorder shows a shell in a small room, later determined to be a unit in a residential building.  The shell inscription reads, “The eternal light of the Blessings comes”.  Contact is lost again, and resumes 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds later.  The recorder shows a street, in the center of which is a crater.  Within the crater is a fourth shell, its inscription reading, “The Blessed have come to free you”.

Once again, contact is lost, only to be reestablished after 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds.  A fifth shell rests in the ruins of a small store.  The shell has an inscription that reads, “These Blessings are not a curse, but a gift”.  Contact is lost, and reestablished a fifth time.  The view shows what was likely once a station for Arbites.  Now, it is destroyed, and a sixth shell is visible within a smaller crater, later determined to have hit into a different building on its path to the surface, visible from the assorted wreckage in the recorder field of view.  The shell has no visible inscription, but bears a barely visible symbol with three circles and three points.  Contact is once again lost, and resumes 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds later.  The recorder view is of a munitorum, the workstations and conveyors smashed to pieces.  A seventh crater and shell are in the center of the wreckage, evidently being the cause of the damage.  Corpses are visible in the background, appearing to have been killed by the shell crashing into the munitorum.  The inscription on the shell is determined to read, “The Blessed send their greatest weapon to free the enslaved”.  Contact is once again lost.  After 7 hours, 7 minutes, and 7 seconds, contact is reestablished, and the recorder shows the view of the containment perimeter surrounding the exclusion zone.  The recorder shows a small group of infected individuals moving towards the containment perimeter.  The infected individuals reach the perimeter, and contact is permanently lost.



Note:  The group of infected individuals seen by the recorder attacked the containment perimeter, resulting in the loss of 12 members of the containment personnel.  This attack precipitated what was nearly a large scale containment breach of OM-020.  Currently, containment has been reestablished, and personnel on the containment perimeter have been advised to use small-arms weaponry on groups of infected individuals near the perimeter.

Closing Statement:  Further exploration of the quarantine zone has been suspended indefinitely.  Inquisitorial forces are looking into sending a manned expedition into the quarantine zone to explore the remaining areas of the city.


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