OM-018 – The Mirror Man

Subject: OM-018 – The Mirror Man

Threat Level: Minoris (pending further assessment)


The Mirror Man is a common fable among the palatial cities on Tamas Prime (for analyses of similar fables archived in case of future relevance, please see file SO-CulturalRef.-PallasPrime). The fable revolves around an entity, or entities, that lurk within mirrors – or sometimes any surface capable of bearing reflection. Sometimes the fable refers to witnesses seeing a vague figure looking over their shoulder in the mirror, even though there’s no one with them in the room. A common recurring motif in such stories is the figure first appearing at a distance, but gradually getting closer to the viewer every day. Another variation is that the Mirror Man takes the shape of the observer’s reflection, only slight differences in appearance and demeanour giving it away. Such stories often feature the mirror man whispering to their real counterpart, slowly driving them mad and aping them in a subtly mocking manner when others are present. The darkest of such tales conclude with the mirror man taking their victim’s place in reality. Opinions regarding the origin of this creature are mixed. Some stories claim they were trapped in the mirrors, others that they were born in them and look at us with rage and envy. Another implication is that the mirrors are not where the creatures come from at all, only a doorway or passageway between our reality and theirs.

The reason for this inload is the recent death of Magistrate Kor Tempis, found deceased from numerous savage lacerations within his abode, with all the mirrors smashed or covered over. Several pertinent audio recordings were recovered from the Magistrate’s personal effects, one of which is transcribed below.

[Audio input 1, 98% match for Kor Tempis, Standing Magistrate for Sylvar City]

“It won’t stop. It wont stop. I smashed the mirror that trader sold me, but it didn’t stop. Too late, he wasn’t there anymore. He was just there anymore. I’ve seen him in the mirror in bathroom, in my hand mirror, in the reflection on my data slate when it’s turned off! I go out, I do my work, my job, and I see him in the windows. I see him in the surface of the ponds. He follows me, mocking me with that grin of his and those silver eyes. Whenever someone else is with me, he matches me perfectly. Just like he did when I first saw him in that damned thing. I think he had fun, mimicking me until the game was up. I have to do something, God-Emperor protect me I have to do something.”

[Time elapsed of two hours Terran standard.}

“I’ve informed the staff responsible for managing my position that I am unwell. I’m sure the court Chaplain will have a penance sermon ready for me when I return, but its better than being burned for being burned as a lunatic or heretic…

I broke the mirrors, but it didn’t work. Every shard became another reflection. Sometimes I saw him a hundred times over in the breakage, sometimes just one face distorted across the cracks. It no longer looks like my face, even though the features are identical. I covered the shards and the mirrors that remained so I cannot see him, and he cannot see me. I locked them in the sub-chamber. Since then I have done nothing but pray.

[Time elapsed of thirty-two minutes Terran standard.]

“I can still hear him! I can still hear him!”

[Audio distortion, sobbing.]

[New audio input detected.]

[Audio input 2 = 78% match for Standing Magistrate Kor Tempis]

Audio Input 2: “Hello. I’ve been looking forwards to meeting you…”

[Recording terminated]

Under normal circumstances, the above might be dismissed as the ravings of a madman. It has not been for several reasons. One is the nature of Kor Tempis’ death, as the Verispex Adepts responsible for the epost-mortem examination have found shards of mirror-glass embedded in the wounds. The second is that the Verispex have also concluded, from the state of the corpse’ decomposition, that Kor Tempis’ death predates the last sightings of him by almost a week.

Investigation is ongoing.

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