OM-017 – Forfeln’s Testimony

Subject: OM-017 – Forfeln’s Testimony

Threat Level: Majoris


OM-017 concerns a newly discovered cell of Heretic Astartes. Based on the few confirmed interactions that Inquisitorial agents have had with the cell, these arch-traitors seem to prefer hypnotic or mind-altering techniques, fracturing the mental fortitude of even seasoned operatives. Listed below is transcript taken from the late Interrogator Forfeln, the only agent to have interacted with the traitor cell and returned – if only temporarily.

Transcript: Testimony and last words of Interrogator Forfeln

Interviewer: Inquisitor Rax Henn, Ordo Malleus

Interviewee: Interrogator Johann Forfeln, in service to Inquisitor Henn

Foreword: When he arrived on the world of Bosphfeld, Inquisitor Henn dispatched Interrogator Forfeln, a veteran of two decades’ service to the Ordo, to search for evidence of the threat beyond whilst he conferred with planetary authorities, and myself. Forfeln was widely considered the finest Interrogator in the sector, and had refused advancement to full Inquisitorial status twice. Having previously resolved four daemonic incursions on his own, Forfeln was well used to operating independently and gaining results. But I am beginning to understand that the situation on Bosphfeld is far from routine. When Forfeln didn’t return as planned, Henn used Forfeln’s psy-trace to find him in a residential street near the Governor’s palace.

Begin Log

Henn: “There he is!”

Forfeln: “Inquisitor…is that you?”

Henn: “By the Emperor, they’ve taken your eyes! And… worse, I see. Quick, Orhode, see what you can do for him…for his chest. What happened to you, Johann?”

Forfeln: “Is that Orhode? He’ll save me. Do you remember that time…”

Henn: “Johann, focus. What happened?”

Forfeln: “I followed the container when it was collected from the void port. It took me to a warehouse in the east of the city…<coughing>…I left a cyber-hawk there to keep watch.”

Henn: “Good work, Johann, we’ll track it down…would you like a little water?”

Forfeln: “Thank you…<sipping sound, replaced by spluttering>…I’m sorry.”

Henn: “Don’t worry, tell me about the warehouse. What was in there?”

Forfeln: “I broke in through the east wall…it was full of containers…thousands of them…but it was a trap…they caught me…<coughing>…within moments…I’m sorry.”

Henn: “What can you tell me Johann? What else did you see before they did this to you?”

Forfeln: “To me? No Inquisitor, I did this to myself…when they took me away.”

Henn: “To yourself? What do you mean, Johann? Where did they take you?”

Forfeln: “I don’t know where…they blindfolded me…but it felt wrong, wholly wrong…like it shouldn’t have existed…like it didn’t exist, not really.”

Henn: “Do you mean…”

Forfeln: “I do. And when I was there, they took my blindfold off…<coughing>…and I saw a traitor Astartes!”

Henn: “Just as we thought, Johann. You were right, weren’t you? I didn’t believe you at first, but you were right.”

Forfeln: “ <shouting> No, I was wrong!…the traitor was beautiful…like nothing I had seen before…in my shock and horror, I tore my own eyes out so that I couldn’t see him.”

<silence for several seconds>

Forfeln: “I was wrong about something else…<coughing>…it wasn’t Farreh who stood alongside the traitor…<coughing>…it was Monsuela.”

Henn: “Monsuela? Are you sure? But Monsuela has been one of our staunchest supporters. He’s provided much assistance to me…ah, I see. And that is why we’ve always been one step behind them.”

Forfeln: “Yes…<coughing>…oh, yes.”

Henn: “Johann, how did you escape?”

Forfeln: “I didn’t.”

<explosion, no further data recorded>

End Log 

Closing Statement:

I believe that the traitors planted explosives on Interrogator Forfeln, possibly within his chest, with the intention of killing Inquisitor Henn. They succeeded. That we have any record of this conversation is due to the diligence of Inquisitor Henn, who broadcast and recorded his words to a data unit elsewhere on Bosphfeld, where I found it. The deliberate assassination of Inquisitor Henn demands retribution, and I offer this transcript to the Ordo Malleus to help them do so. I standby to assist.


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