OM-016 – Knife Edge

Subject: OM-016 – Knife Edge

Threat Level: Majoris


A theorised demon weapon was discovered by a Special Weapons Operator while on a routine patrol close to the Aeldari front line on Galimatias. The weapon is a knife, with a gently curved blade approximately 12 inches long and a hilt made of some bone-like material. A purple gemstone is set into the pommel, and sinuous carvings cover the item. These carvings are gold-inlaid. The knife is always slightly warm to the touch, and the metal of the blade has a slight rainbow coruscation – in a similar manner to an oil slick.

Transcript: Interview regarding the initial discovery of the knife, and ensuing events

Interviewer: Inquisitor Adelard Blackwood, Ordo Hereticus

Interviewee: Special Weapons Operator Linus Tychon, Latredean 142nd

Foreword: SWO Tychon was apprehended shortly after stabbing his regimental commissar with an antique knife. He was remanded in the custody of the Ordo Hereticus after professing that the Emperor had spoken to him personally, through the knife, and ordered him to carry out the attack.

Begin Log:

<7 seconds of static>

Inq. Blackwood (BLKWD): Please state your name and rank for the record.

Special Weapons Operator Linus Tychon (SWOLT): S.. sir?

BLKWD: Please state your name and rank, for the record.

SWOLT: Uh – Linus Tychon, Special Weapons Operator, Bravo Company, 142nd Latredean.

BLKWD: Thank you, Specialist. <Five second pause> Let’s start from the top – recite the circumstances under which you find the knife.

SWOLT: Sir. It was a regular patrol, like any other. We were sent –


SWOLT: 1st, 2nd, and 3rd squads, Bravo Company, sir. We were sent to patrol our western flank, check out the crags that anchor that area. Y’know, make sure the damn knife-ears weren’t using it as a staging area. It was a baking hot day, and we’d been marching for hours. The commander set up watch and told us to take a break <6 second pause> she always did look out for us.

<5 second pause>

BLKWD: Specialist?

SWOLT: Aye, sir, sorry, sir. Me and a couple of the lads broke out the canteens and sheltered in a cave system nearby, getting out of the damn sun.

BLKWD: Who else was present? Names and ranks, please, Specialist.

SWOLT: Aye sir. Troopers Lamarck, Whippet, and Greene, also Bravo Company. My squad. We were in there for five minutes, thereabouts, and Whippet thought he heard something from the back of the cave. None of us wanted to look, sir, but I’ll be damned if I was going to look a coward in front of the troopers. I went to the back of the cave, and the knife was there, just sat in a hollow. Assumed it was something that was left behind by a previous recon group and pocketed it. Didn’t have much time to think about it, the call came over the vox that the knife-ears were in the next crag over, and we could get the drop on them if we moved fast. We lost two-thirds of our people in that crag, the commander and Lamarck included. But we stuck it to the skinny bastards, and some of us made it back to base to celebrate. That’s a victory, I suppose.

BLKWD: Old knife, strange cave, Aeldari attack group <sound of quill scratching> and when did the knife… first talk to you? No, actually, can you describe the knife first?

SWOLT: Aye sir. Blade about 12 inches long, slightly curved back on itself. Wicked point. Handle made of, bone, maybe? Large purple gem in the hilt. Always a bit warm.

BLKWD: <3 second pause> And you thought this was something a previous patrol may have left behind.

SWOLT: Well, where else could it have come from, sir?

BLKWD: Where else indeed. Back to the question, Specialist – when did it first talk?

SWOLT: That night, sir. Told me outright that the voice of God spoke through it. I’ve heard of miracles, sir, but I never thought one would happen to me. The God-Emperor hisself, talking to me!

BLKWD: You… didn’t assume it was a prank of some kind?

SWOLT: <audibly offended> I am a man of faith, sir.

BLKWD: Very well. What did… the Emperor… tell you about Commissar Strick?

SWOLT: That he got pleasure out of punishing us. That he invented charges just to get his kicks when he delivered sentence. That he once systematically executed an entire squad and… and used their blood for…

BLKWD: Quite. So you took it upon yourself to…

SWOLT: Do my duty and deal with a heretic sir. I only used the knife because it was the only weapon I had to hand.

BLKWD: Thank you again, Specialist.

Log ends.

Closing remarks:

  • The knife was seized at the same time SWO Tychon was arrested. Following this interview, the knife was locked inside a stasis box, placed in the payload section of a naval torpedo, and was intended to be fired into the star of the Galimatias system. The torpedo was, however, lost on the way to the destroyer Speartip, and it’s current whereabouts are unknown.
  • Evidence of minor cult worship was discovered in the quarters of Commissar Strick – all personal effects have since been burned.
  • SWO Tychon has proven resistant to the corruption inherent in the knife, and has been drafted into the service of Inquisitor Blackwood. His service record states he was executed for the murder of a superior officer.

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